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Is the west coast really the best coast?  A rich and varied marketing adventure that’s only just begun


Anna LeeName: Anna Lee
Role: Marketing & Revenue Operations Analyst
Coffee: Iced caramel latte with oat milk

As Bipsync’s Anna Lee enters the final training block before the NYC Central Park Half Marathon, she’s pushing herself to the limit. Although the iconic park may seem like a scene from a Hollywood romcom, Anna knows both places well enough to tell which is fact and which is fiction. 

“The day after the last 10-mile training run I could barely walk, my legs hurt so bad,” says Anna, who originally hails from Dallas, Texas, but now lives in the Big Apple after graduating from USC in Los Angeles. “But even when I’m exhausted from running the hills in Central Park, can’t help but feel appreciative that I actually get to live in this city. I guess I can’t really complain!” 


Expanding marketing horizons

Last year was a success for Bipsync in terms of hiring new members to the team, one of which was Anna, who joined as a marketing and revenue ops analyst. Since then, she’s taken on responsibilities for email marketing, social media outreach, managing sales leads and running SEO support. 

“I like Bipsync because I’m not constrained. From day one there’s been the freedom and encouragement to explore other areas I’m interested in. So I wear multiple hats which helps me curate a wide set of tools that expand my professional horizons. I feel constantly challenged to think outside the box and these last 8 months have helped me grow personally as well as in my marketing career.”

It all started after Anna graduated USC during the beginning of COVID-19. It was an uncertain period and, as a fresh college graduate, a difficult time to transition into the “real world.” From working as a marketing analyst at a music management company to going on tour with a band in Europe, the first couple of years were mainly about Anna discovering her interests and taking every opportunity given to her. 

“My first client was a popular rock band, and I went on their European and North American tours, latterly as Head of Merchandise. Touring with a rock band is a singularly unique experience, that’s for sure, and I learnt a lot about dealing with situations – because more often than not things don’t go as planned and you have to think on your feet. I also learned a lot about myself, frankly.” 

Pivoting to the heart of fintech

After returning from touring, Anna planned out her next steps. One area of great  interest was the booming industry of fintech, and she knew she wanted to be a part of it. So she packed her bags and left LA for the Big Apple. 

“I didn’t have a solid plan on how I wanted to pivot into fintech – but I knew I’d have a greater chance if I was in NYC because that’s where the finance and technology industries are. So I took a leap of faith and moved. Then the opening at Bipsync came up and it was an opportunity too good to miss.”

Bipsync offers an environment of growth, challenge, and support for recent college grads looking to build their careers and develop their skill sets. In Anna’s experience, she found that her manager gave her opportunities to explore other areas of the company to discover her interests so she wasn’t tied to just one role. 

Freedom and autonomy

“Immediately, I found a home at Bipsync. Everyone is so welcoming and has gone above and beyond to make me feel part of the team. It’s an environment where I’m not afraid to ask questions and I feel like I can reach out to anyone knowing they will provide as much support as they can.”

An example of this was mentioning her interest in developing event management skills – an essential part of the multidisciplinary marketing skillset. This was taken up by the senior VP of finance & operations who arranged for Anna to take control over organizing last year’s staff holiday party. I was given a budget and full authority to make decisions, which led to great success. It’s truly empowering to work in an environment where opportunities are plentiful and there are no unnecessary restrictions on how to approach them.”

A culture of support and opportunity

Living in New York, heading to Bipsync’s Manhattan HQ is straightforward enough but there’s no expectation on Anna to be office-bound. She can get the job done wherever she is, but enjoys the continuity of getting together with her colleagues.

“I’m in the office maybe once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. It’s important to come together as a group of people – that’s when you really get the team vibe and feel as one, all pulling in the same direction. It’s also the springboard for team activities which happen maybe once a month – things like boat cruises along the Hudson River or happy hours at a local bar. My favorite was going to a Mets game – my first taste of baseball! – with my coworkers explaining what was happening. It’s just instances like that that made me realize I joined a great company with great people.” 

The future certainly looks bright for this marketing adventurer, continuing her personal and professional odyssey with Bipsync.

“I’m still fairly new, but I’m as optimistic about Bipsync’s growth as my own growth because every day at this dynamic and innovative company teaches me something new about my job and about myself. I’m grateful to be part of a company that’s built to last, and working in marketing allows me to see first-hand the tangible results of our success as we work to achieve more kudos and reputation, more leads and followers – more customers and revenue!”

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