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The possibilities are endless when you’re this curious about everything


a coffee with zach

Name: Zach Warner
Role: Technical Account Manager
Coffee: Well, that depends…

  • Nespresso machine: Stormio with milk
  • Starbucks: Unsweetened hazelnut cold brew with a splash of milk and light ice
  • Dunkin: Unsweetened coldbrew with a splash of milk and light ice
  • At the Bipsync NYC office: Joe’s unsweetened black


All that coffee could explain the intellectual energy Zach Warner brings into a room, but 5 minutes in his company and you wonder where on earth he finds the time.

Always on the go

Zach is a notoriously hard worker for Bipsync in his role as a Technical Account Manager. For all the other waking hours – well, if Zach isn’t fishing or hiking upstate, he’s working on his latest garage project at home, breezing through the city, or hitting the books to accumulate yet more knowledge about the world and how it all works.

“I love learning about anything and everything. I don’t mean this to sound self-absorbed, but I’m probably the most curious person you’ve ever met!” And yes, he probably is. But it strikes you that no-one could ever get self-absorbed when they’re this absorbed in everything else going on.

Personalities start developing at a very early age, and Zach had more reason than most to be wide-eyed at changes happening around him. At 10 months old, Zach was adopted from an orphanage in Russia and grew up first in New York State then several other places around the US before settling back in Westchester, NY. “I’m told we used the same agency as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and I count myself equally lucky. I got lots of opportunities as a kid and was into everything. Like at 13 I used to volunteer as a veterinary assistant at a zoo in New Mexico and it was great. I once gave a vaccination shot to a zebra!”

Giving back

Volunteering is a big part of Zach’s outlook, helping wounded animals, delivering Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to those in need, and getting involved in several veterans charities. Currently, having gained an exhaustive list of qualifications, he is a serving ‘Greyshirt’ for the Team Rubicon organization, ready to deploy as part of a specialist emergency response group to potentially any disaster relief operation in the US.

While Zach is an accomplished outdoorsman (having spent his happiest childhood days fishing in the Hudson River and camping in the nearby forests), and likes nothing better than tinkering with his Harley-Davidson rebuild or custom-engineering the 4×4 drivetrain on his prized Jeep Wrangler, he has an equally bookish streak. Is a head for facts and numbers what made him become a city slicker working in NYC’s financial district with Bipsync?

“I didn’t take the direct route. I actually set out studying finance at Quinnipiac University – Go Bobcats! – but after a semester I wanted to switch out of learning what to think and focus instead on how to think. I fell in love with philosophy and went on to major in that with a minor in political science, also being appointed to membership in Phi Sigma Tau (International Honor Society of Philosophy).”

Questioning everything

This questioning mindset that assumes nothing and investigates the workings behind everything made him a stand-out graduate hire for Bloomberg, who put Zach straight into its analytics department answering queries from traders about commodities and derivatives. “It was an education in so many ways. I learnt about the industry and its people. But I saw my future elsewhere, moving away from investment products and into the software and technology that enables the financial sector. I wanted to devote my energies to making a difference at a smaller, more dynamic firm.”

Zach joined the Bipsync team in August 2022 and felt right at home. “We have a very curious bunch which jives perfectly with me.” Reflecting on Bipsync’s culture, Zach encapsulates it as “lax but very focused,” a blend that nurtures productivity while valuing flexibility. When asked about his favorite aspects of working at Bipsync, Zach says it’s hands down the people! Engaging in lively discussions on random topics, and sharing laughter underscores the tight-knit environment that makes Bipsync more than just a workplace.

Looking ahead

No two days are the same in the life of a Technical Account Manager (TAM), seamlessly juggling client interactions, configurations, and collaborations with the Account Management team. When not at his desk or conferring with colleagues, he’ll take a walk outside to soak up the sun (and rain!) or go on coffee runs. 

Peering into the future, Zach pictures himself pursuing various career paths. Professionally, the allure of creating his own product or venturing into the realm of law piques his interest. But amidst his exciting career aspirations, his primary goal remains unwavering — to be excellent at his job in whatever scope he’s given.

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