July 25, 2019 in Life at Bipsync, Technology

On your marks, get set… Adapt!

How we approach Agile development at Bipsync

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August 30, 2018 in Technology

AWS Reserved Instances for the Bewildered

Many find Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) to be offputtingly complex, and some users avoid them as a result. Massive cost savings of up to 40% are…

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July 25, 2018 in Technology

Multi-dimensional debugging of a weird MongoDB performance issue

We recently upgraded our test infrastructure backend to MongoDB 4. We were expecting to see a small but significant performance boost, and we got this… for most requests! Strangely, and…

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July 25, 2018 in Technology

Using Swift Enums and Generics as a data source for UIPickerViews

The Latest on Building the Bipsync Notes iOS App

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June 20, 2018 in Research Management, Technology

Introducing Selective Sync

Building the Bipsync Notes iOS app

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December 5, 2017 in Technology

A Web Summit Summary

Takeaways from my visit to the largest tech conference in the world

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October 20, 2017 in Technology

Improving The Performance of Spell Checking

Building a comprehensive, on-demand spell checker for investment research professionals

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October 18, 2017 in Technology

2,400 Hedge Fund Name Suggestions from Machine Learning

What happened when we trained a recurrent neural network with 9000 real hedge fund names

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October 5, 2017 in Technology

Disaster Recovery in Action

Reacting to a serious bug in iOS 11

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September 13, 2017 in Technology

Using Grade School Math To Build Elegant Inline Comments

The secret behind Bipsync’s inline comment feature

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