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It was an honor to join our clients at the Invest for Charlotte event on November 15th. Bipsync attended to support a special event that brought together the local investment community, including a number of Bipsync clients, for the benefit of children and families in Charlotte.

Invest for Charlotte is an annual conference that brings together the local investment community to raise awareness and funds to improve the social and economic mobility in Charlotte. This year, beneficiaries included The Heartest Yard, a foundation dedicated to providing financial support to families with babies affected by congenital heart disease, Stream, a program providing scholarship and internship opportunities in asset management to youth from underrepresented groups, Freedom Communities, an organization focused on combating the cycle of generational poverty, and Heart Math Tutoring, a volunteer based math tutoring non-profit. In addition to benefitting a great cause, this event provided the Bipsync team with an opportunity to learn more about the issues facing our clients today.

Representing Bipsync was our very own Account Executive, Ben Heller. He was excited to hear from keynote speakers John Carrington (Crow’s Nest Holdings), Chris Pavese (Broyhill Asset Management), Greg Olsen (The HEARTest Yard), Anders Hall (Vanderbilt University), Mike Smith (Global Endowment Management) and more. In addition to the presentation of innovative investment ideas, pressing topics were discussed throughout the night including minimizing risk in periods of inflation, talent retention, and setting your investment/operations teams up for success. With our modern RMS being utilized by many endowments, it was interesting to hear how some of today’s industry leaders approach and solve for these challenges.

The event was a success, and we’d like to thank the host committee for orchestrating a lovely and educational evening. We love supporting our clients whenever the chance arises, and Invest for Charlotte was the perfect way to catch up with them face-to-face over a wonderful evening of thought leadership sessions.

At Bipsync, we’re always jumping on opportunities to give back and create a brighter future for everyone. If you would like to donate to the charities, head to

Thank you again for all your support!