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We recently released version 1.18.0 of the Bipsync Notes iOS app which is available for download here. The latest version contains a couple of exciting new features as well as some notable bug fixes. These include:

Create Notes From Templates

Version 1.18.0 includes a feature often requested by our users: the ability to create a note from a existing template. This is incredibly useful for those who regularly create the same type of note, such as meeting agendas or earnings call summaries. It can be tricky to author notes on an iOS device compared to a desktop machine, given the small onscreen keyboard and lack of peripherals. Therefore the major benefit of this feature is that notes with complicated layouts can be crafted ahead of time and then populated and completed in the iOS app.

To create a note from a template first hold down the “new note” button found in the bottom right hand corner of the note list to open the template menu. Tap your preferred template from the list to open a new note based on the template’s content. From there, you are free to change the content of the note as you wish  – it won’t affect the original template.

Here’s a glimpse of the feature in action:

Send Notes As Email

We added the ability to save a note as a PDF back in version 1.15.0, and we’ve now extended the app’s sharing functionality to allow users to also send notes as email, at the discretion of the fund.

This addition further improves the app’s save as PDF feature – which also supports email – in a few ways. Firstly, the note is set as the body of the email rather than as a file attachment, which makes it easier to consume in an email client like Outlook. Secondly, the user can choose recipients from a searchable list of users and groups within Bipsync, making it easy to quickly share a note with a PM or team. Finally, the app can also send a copy of the email to the sender for reference.

The feature is accessible from the “more” menu when viewing a note. Here’s a video to illustrate how it works:

More improvements and fixes

Other notable improvements that we’ve made to the app include:

  • Typed URLs are now automatically converted to hyperlinks
  • The note editor once again scrolls as typed text starts to go beyond the visible area of the screen
  • The app performs better when required to manage large repositories of research

Our users requested many of the changes in this release, so please do get in touch if there’s something you’d like to see in the Bipsync Notes app, or if you have any comments, suggestions or questions about Bipsync.