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The Bipsync Research Management Software is constantly being improved by our development team: enhancing existing features, building new features, and updating the user interface for a more efficient experience. We use a continuous integration process with automated tests, builds and deployment, to safely and frequently bring changes into the product.

We tend to update all Bipsync installations every one or two weeks, with release notes sent to all paid customers. But we’d like to try something a bit different from now on: posting a summary of the release notes to our blog, so that all users can see new features and improvements they can use to improve their research process.

So here goes with the first one, for today’s release:

Unlisted Companies

Bipsync has always recognized and automatically organized public companies, but our users in private equity and elsewhere have told us that they would like to associate notes with unlisted companies, without creating and sharing labels for each one.

Now you can use the add and delete buttons in the left Companies panel to manage unlisted companies. Unlisted companies are automatically shared with everyone in your team.

Unlisted Companies in RMS

Fields Interface Improvement

Bipsync Fields are configurable inputs that can be added to any type of content: notes, companies, contacts, labels, ideas, and so on. They are mainly used by paid customers to configure data input to match fund requirements, and can appear/disappear based on other values, be made mandatory, etc.

In the latest release, we’ve improved the look of fields and made them more consistent across the interface, so that Contact fields look the same as Note fields, etc.

Research Management Software Note Fields

Pipeline: Funnel View

For customers beta-testing the Pipeline functionality, you’ll notice a new Funnel view on pipeline dashboards to help you analyze the past movement and speed of projects through each pipeline.

If you already have the Pipeline functionality and would like us to configure the funnel for your workflows, or if you don’t have pipelines yet and would like to test it, get in touch.

We plan to add a basic pipeline into the free version of Bipsync in the coming weeks.


Auto Tagging

We’re always looking for new ways to speed up analysts’ workflows. Our most recent beta-feature is Auto Tagging, a Machine Learning system that can automatically tag notes with company tags based on the note content.

The system currently recognizes many popular US public companies, and can automatically tag notes that you clip with the Web Clipper, forward in via email, or from the title of notes as you type them in Bipsync.

Auto Tagging is enabled by default, but you can switch it off in the Settings panel, under the Preferences tab.

Research Management System Auto Tagging Machine Learning


And finally, more than 20 other fixes and improvements.

As usual, let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.