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Following release 61 two weeks ago, Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 62. This update contains over 50 improvements, including some new features and many smaller fixes.

Label Editing Interface Update

Many years ago, in the first few versions of Bipsync, labels were the only way to organize notes. Since then, we’ve added many other ways to organize your research, including companies, industries, geographies, contacts, and any number of custom pipeline projects, like ideas and investments.

All of the subsequently added organization options have a consistent editing interface: in the right column of Bipsync RMS. But labels were always different, opening in a pop-up panel. In the latest release, we’ve updated labels so that they’re now consistent and edited the same way as anything else – in the right column.

Label Editing

Excel Plugin (Beta Feature)

We like to get new features into your hands as soon as possible, so in the latest release we’ve included a beta plugin that we hope you’ll use and feedback to us about how we can improve and develop it in the future.

Windows users can go to the Settings panel, then Apps & Add-ons to install our Office plugin set, which now includes an Excel plugin as well as the existing Outlook plugin. The Excel plugin adds a button to your Excel ribbon, which you can click to sync the current spreadsheet to your Bipsync account. As you change and save your Excel file locally, changes will automatically sync to Bipsync.

The Excel plugin is currently compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 and above.

Excel RMS Plugin

File Version History (Beta Feature)

Following a similar approach to our Note Versioning interface – which you can use to browse all previous versions of your Bipsync notes – you can now also browse all previous versions of Excel files that are uploaded via the plugin. Simply click the attachment in Bipsync and choose Previous Versions to browse and optionally download all past versions of the Excel file.

File Version History

Updated Note Notification

You’ll now be notified if you view a shared note that someone else in your team has edited since you opened it.

Multiple Editors

Comment Auto Refresh

New comments on a note will now automatically display as they are added, to help your team have more real-time discussions.

Paste as Plain Text

Sometimes you copy formatted text from a Word document or web page and need to paste it into a Bipsync note as plain text. You can now use the Paste as Plain Text option in the formatting toolbar to do just that.

View Large Image Attachments at Actual Size

When you preview an image attachment that is larger than the preview pane, you can now click the image to toggle it to actual size, and use the scrollbars to view the entire image. Click the image again to switch back to the scaled-to-fit view.

Other Improvements and Fixes Include

  • Internet Explorer: Some custom user profile photos didn’t display correctly.
  • Internet Explorer: Prevent the app interface incorrectly scrolling horizontally under certain conditions.
  • Internet Explorer: Placeholders in text inputs are now a lighter color.
  • Firefox: Fixed PDF/Word/Excel attachment previews inside Bipsync.
  • Firefox: Fixed right-click menus.
  • Tagging interface: Scroll down to out-of-view selected option when using up/down arrow keys.
  • Tagging interface: Fixed problem when same contact added to multiple custom contact fields.
  • Tagging interface: When there are no results, auto-select the first “New Label” option.
  • Fixed: Subscribed icon doesn’t appear in left navigation interface for custom fields.
  • Fixed: Number of completed/outstanding tasks wasn’t updating in notes list automatically.
  • Fixed: Display all remote images in emailed notes correctly.
  • Fixed: URL doesn’t always auto-link when pasting into a note and pressing return.
  • Improved: Better performance for displaying notifications.
  • Improved: Automatic previews of Excel and Word files are more accurate.
  • Improved: File previews now display basic file information (e.g. file size) in the bar above the preview.
  • Improved: Better support for slow internet connections.