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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 65, with more than 30 improvements. These include:

Email Note: Research Management System UI

  • Search for any team member, contact or group by name when you email a note. An email sent to a group will email everyone in that group.
  • A new option to copy (CC) yourself in to the email when you email a note.
  • Emailed notes sent in to Bipsync (at notes@bipsync.local or your custom fund address) can now be tagged to contacts and projects in the subject line. Use the same square bracket syntax as labels and companies, e.g.
    Fwd: Latest results [AAPL] [Tim Cook] [Apple Long]
  • You can now reply to comments directly from the email notification – simply reply to the email.
  • All email notifications initiated by a person now display in your inbox from that person’s name, not just Bipsync.

Research Management System Subscription Settings Interface: Bipsync

  • Subscriptions have always made it easy to stay on top of your specific topics in Bipsync, but it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what you are and aren’t subscribed to. Now you can view all your subscriptions in a single list within the Settings panel and unsubscribe from any of them in a single click.
  • The Properties panel in the left column now displays all your team members. Previously, only those with shared notes were displayed.
  • Administrators can now access uptime and response time statistics through the Bipsync administration panel, under the Analytics > Status Report menu item. Data is provided by pingdom, an independent third party monitoring service.
  • Improved support for undo when deleting a label or multiple notes.
  • Web clipper fixes for some websites.
  • Minor improvements to the information displayed above a note, e.g. the time is displayed as well as the date.
  • Minor improvements to the printed version of a note.

Previous Releases

Previous release notes are available for updates:

Do let us know if you have any questions about the details in this update. As always, any feedback is welcome.