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A week after release 65, the Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 66. This is a minor release which includes the following updates, many of which were suggested by users like you:

Bipsync RMS Web Clipper

  • The Web Clipper has had a major upgrade, with the ability to add tags to your clips and change who they are shared with, directly in the clipper.
  • When you choose to filter by Only My Notes, the lists of companies, industries and countries now update to only display those that have filtered notes in them.
  • Bipsync also remembers if you selected Only My Notes when you start a new session, so if it’s your preferred view of research, it stays that way until you change it.
  • When you delete a note that isn’t yours, Bipsync will warn you and ask you to confirm before the note is deleted.
  • The information displayed above a note is now more explicit, with the note author and original clipped URL (where relevant) displayed immediately in the bar rather than behind a drop down menu.
  • Tagging to companies has been improved with better recognition of local Bloomberg tickers.
  • The experimental auto-tagging feature has had a minor upgrade to fix some false positives caused by email signatures. You can read more about the auto-tagging feature in this previous blog post.
  • A new view has been added to the notes list that displays only the note title and first line of the note. The names of the views have also been updated to be easier to understand.
  • Over 15 other minor improvements and fixes, including:
    • Improved interface responsiveness, which should result in smoother scrolling on some installations.
    • To reduce visual noise, the share icon has been removed from the notes list if the note belongs to someone else, as the user’s initials already indicate that the note is not yours and shared. The share icon will continue to display for notes that you choose to share.
    • The text size of printed notes in Firefox has been adjusted to make them easier to read.

As usual, we value your feedback on these changes or other ideas you have to help improve the product suite.