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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 70. This includes new features and a number of improvements.

  • Browse notes by User Group. If your team is split into groups, you can now browse the groups you belong to in the Properties panel, similar to Authors. Click on a group to display all notes that have been shared specifically with that team. For example, click on the Real Estate group to display all notes that have been explicitly shared with the Real Estate group.
  • Subscribe to User Groups. Click on a user group in the properties panel and then the Subscribe button above the group dashboard to be notified of additions and changes to content specifically shared with that group.
  • Improved Show Only User Group. The Show Only User Group feature previously filtered Bipsync so that only notes created by members of that group would appear. However, this had some problems in practice. For example, if David was a member of both the Real Estate and Telecoms groups and you filtered by Real Estate, you’d still see all of his Telecoms notes because he was a member of both groups. Now, the feature has been updated so that – like the two previously mentioned features (group browsing and subscriptions) – it works using who notes are shared with, not who created them. So now when you switch to Show Only Real Estate, you’ll only see notes that have been specifically shared with the Real Estate group.
  • Improved Dashboard performance. When you click a tag in the left panel, the dashboard that appears in the right panel now displays noticably faster.
  • New Microsoft OneNote import. This new feature is currently in beta and is not enabled by default. Please get in touch if you’d like it enabled on your installation.
  • Improved Microsoft Excel plug-in. Windows users can download the Bipsync office plug-ins from the Apps & Add-ons section of the Settings panel.
  • Improved ticker matching for emails. When you tag an email subject line to a local ticker that doesn’t have the full Bloomberg code – e.g. [FB] rather then [FB US] – Bipsync will now automatically assume you mean the US version of the ticker, rather than trying to guess from all global tickers. If no US ticker exists, Bipsync won’t try to second-guess the company you intended to tag, but will instead flag the note as having unmatched tags
  • Unmatched Tags. When you send an email into Bipsync, or import data from an existing RMS into Bipsync, sometimes a ticker or tag won’t exactly match against a known tag. Rather than the system trying to guess what was meant and potentially mis-tag the note, it will now display all Unmatched Tags above the note. All notes with Unmatched Tags can also be browsed in the new Unmatched section in the left Properties panel.
  • Fixes and minor improvements include:
    • Fixed a problem where Show Only My Notes could stick on during sign-in on installations with no user groups.
    • Fixed the progress bar of attachments while uploading.
    • Fixed the web clipper not being able to clip some specific pages.
    • Fixed a rare problem where attachments with no name emailed into Bipsync would cause display issues.
    • Fixed a problem where inline comment tooltips occassionally wouldn’t display.
    • Fixed a problem with emails and clips occassionally not generating subscription notifications.
    • Updated the Note Filter in the middle panel so that you can still filter by Author when in Show Only User Group mode.
    • The File Version History view (for browsing previous versions of Excel files uploaded through the plug-in) now has a customizable date format, like the note date format.

As usual, many of these useful new features and improvements are thanks to your feedback. Please continue to get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions.