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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 72, a minor release with the following improvements and fixes:

Bipsync Go To Keyboard Shortcut Launcher

  • New feature: “Go To” keyboard shortcut / launcher.
    • Press Alt+G to open the “Go To” launcher. Once open, start to type any tag name, any visible note in the middle list, or any visible button (e.g. “Subscribe”, “Sort Notes”, “Notifications”, “New Note”), then press return to select the tag / note / button. If you’re typically a keyboard-first power user, this is the fastest way to navigate Bipsync and perform actions on content. The shortcut to open the launcher can be changed to Ctrl+G or Cmd+G (on a Mac) under Settings > Preferences – you may find one of these alternatives more comfortable, depending on how your hands typically rest on the keyboard.
    • As well as the launcher, Bipsync supports the following keyboard shortcuts, some of which are new to this release:
      • Alt+N New Note
      • Alt+S Search
      • Alt+A All Notes
      • Alt+E Edit currently selected note
      • Delete (not backspace) Press twice to delete currently selected note
      • Esc Close current feedback message, menu or modal interface
      • ↑ ↓ Move between selected item (tag, note, menu item, etc – depends on what is focused)
      • ← → Move between multiple attachments in Preview mode
  • New feature: a transferable “Owner” note property (in addition to the existing Creator/Author), with a new admin tool to batch transfer ownership of notes.
  • Improved keyword search and support for disabled users in Compliance Report.
  • Improved OneNote import: don’t ask for write permissions, fix for HTML entities in titles.
  • Improved Evernote import: better support for intermittent connections and nested labels.
  • Improved Web Clipper: tracking codes (e.g. Google Analytics) are removed from the clipped URL, and support for gzip compressed images.
  • Improved PDF export: include custom field values.
  • Improved notifications: a new option in the settings panel to receive all your notifications via email, even if you’ve previously read them in-app.
  • Improved note information display: author name is now clickable to jump to all notes by the author.
  • Improved date display in middle notes list: created date is still displayed by default, but the updated date is now displayed when sorted by “Recently Updated First”.
  • Fixed: centered images aren’t centered in emailed notes.
  • Fixed: em-dashes are sometimes converted to double quotes in imported emails.
  • Fixed: attachments imported via email don’t have previews.
  • Fixed: first sign-in via Bipsync Notes iOS app could fail for new users.
  • Fixed: pipeline timeline widget doesn’t display data until date range changed.
  • And more than 10 other minor improvements to the interface.​

Many of these improvements are thanks to your feedback. Please continue to get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions.