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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 94.

Rules, a new beta feature, allows you to create powerful custom automations for your research. Each rule consists of a set of conditions and a subsequent set of actions. Conditions define when a rule should be triggered, and can be a combination of, for example:

  • When research (a note, contact or project) is created, optionally limited to via web clipper or email, and optionally limited to a particular timeframe, e.g. within the last day.
  • When research is updated, optionally limited to a particular timeframe.
  • When research is tagged with a particular tag.
  • When research is incomplete.
  • When research is shared with a particular group or user, or is private.
  • When a pipeline project is in, or moved to, a particular stage.

Actions define what should happen when the conditions are met, and can include, for example:

  • Tagging the research.
  • Sharing the research with a particular user or group, or making it private.
  • Emailing a list of the matched research with a custom email to specified groups or users.
  • Adding a comment to the research.
  • Moving a pipeline project to a different stage.

Like our recently released Remove Email Clutter feature, Rules need to be enabled on a per-user basis, and should only be enabled for administrator-like users, as they can update all research in the RMS. If you’d like to try the beta Rules feature, let us know and we’ll enable it for you.

Check out the screenshots below for some example uses for Rules.

rms automation rule example 1

rms automation rule example 2

rms automation rule example 3

rms automation rule example 4

rms automation rule example 5

Other improvements in release 94 include:

  • An advanced filter added to the Contacts list so that you can filter by any pre-defined or custom field.
  • Various improvements made to the Compliance Report, including performance improvements that support querying data over many years.
  • Enhancements to the Evernote Import.
  • A fix for a problem with the Outlook plugin, that would occasionally result in a blank note.

Please get in touch with your feedback, suggestions and questions.