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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 106, with a number of new features and improvements that include:

Dashboard Editor

Bipsync dashboards are a crucial part of modern research management. Whereas notes are usually used to capture unstructured or qualitative information, dashboards capture individual quantitative fields and act as a system of record, with additional data visualisation components.

With the new technology preview of the Dashboard Editor in release 106, all components of a dashboard – data input fields and data visualisation widgets – are now completely under your control: add, remove, re-position, re-size and configure as you need to, without leaving the app.

The Dashboard Editor is available to any user that has been granted access – ask us if you’d like your user account to have the editor enabled. Normally this will be an administrator or internal RMS manager. Users with access will be able to configure individual dashboards for every type of content, e.g. contacts, ideas, companies, etc to suit individual fund requirements:

  • Enable/disable, re-position, re-size and configure widgets.
  • Add/hide, re-position, re-size, style and configure data input fields.
  • Add, re-position, re-size and style new “text” components, e.g. for field group headings.
  • Configure general dashboard attributes, including min/max width, style and read-only capability.
  • Create one or more dashboards per type of content, name each one, and define their order. Fields can optionally be shared across multiple dashboards. So, for example, you can have a detailed dashboard with dozens of inputs for analysts, and another high-level dashboard with a few aggregate values for portfolio managers, all from the same data.
  • As with existing dashboards, all fields can be updated manually, or automatically via the API or the Bipsync Excel comment identifier system.

The Dashboard Editor opens up countless new opportunities. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about the dashboard editor, or if you’d like to set-up a webcast or in-person training session on the dozens of available features.


Percentage fields have a new option to display their value as a horizontal bar chart behind the field.


Fields can now be added to the Home dashboard, to store and display any fund or team-level data and information. Like any dashboard, these fields are completely under your control through the dashboard editor, including the ability to apply conditional styles based on the field value.

You may also notice that All Notes has been renamed to Home, to help promote the idea that the Home dashboard is now your central hub in Bipsync, to view fund-level fields, manage your personal and team tasks, browse all notes, etc.

As dashboards have become a more important piece of functionality in your RMS, we now version all field values by default. So, just like notes, we store a complete record of all changes to field values. At the moment historic values can be exposed on a configurable per-field basis, but in the future we intend to release a Versioning interface for dashboards, similar to that for notes, so that you can view the dashboard for any point in history.

Compliance App

  • A new Ticker column has been added to the exported metadata.csv file.
  • Note Activity will now also show when a note was emailed out of Bipsync.


  • Label read requests now return the ancestor path.
  • Label write requests can update the label color.
  • A new optional stageHistory=1 request for project read requests will also return the stage history of a project, i.e. when the project moved into each stage of the pipeline.

Other Improvements

  • Left-column filters will now include a “Progress: Complete/Incomplete” filter if the type of item (project, company, contact, etc) has required fields.
  • Fix for rules edited in multiple timezones.
  • Improvements to the responsive version of the web app.
  • Dozens of other fixes and minor improvements.

Please continue to get in touch with your suggestions and feedback.