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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 79. This update includes a number of new features, so the release notes are well worth a read:

Update Notes by Email

Bipsync has always had strong support for email workflows, with an efficient Outlook plugin and the ability to easily forward emailed notes into and out of the RMS.

We’ve now added the ability to update existing notes by email.

Simply find the note you want to update in Bipsync, click the More > Note Settings menu, and switch Update by Email to On. You’ll then see an email address that anyone with write access to the note can use to update the note by email. Notes must be enabled on an individual basis, for security reasons.


When you send a new note to the update email address:

  • The title and content of the note will update to the new email subject and content, as usual.
  • Tags will be merged. You won’t lose existing tags – new tags will be added to the note, unless the tag is of a type where only one can exist for a note, in which case the new tag will replace the older one of the same type.
  • Attachments will be merged. Any new attachments will be added to the note. If an attachment has exactly the same filename as an existing attachment, it will be added as a new version to that attachment. Previous versions of the attachment can be viewed in Bipsync as usual, by clicking the attachment and selecting Previous Versions.

Custom Industries and Geographies

There are numerous ways to organize your research in Bipsync, including by Company, Industry and Geography. Until now we’ve supported a standardized set of industries, geographies and public companies, with the ability for you to create your own companies, for example for unlisted companies.

Now you can also create your own fund-wide custom industries and geographies, so that if your fund researches ideas on a macro or micro scale (e.g. by global region or an area inside a country), you can add these to your tagging system.

Research Custom Geographies

Improved Subscription Email Subject

If you choose to receive subscription emails in daily-summary format rather than individual/real-time, we’ve now enhanced the subject of the email so that it lists the initials of users who have updated research in your subscriptions. This way you can quickly check if the email is relevant without opening it.

Research Subscription Emails

Pipeline Improvements

This release includes some major additions to pipelines. Firstly, you can now filter your pipeline items by any of the pipeline fields you have configured:

RMS Workflow Pipeline Filter

Secondly, we’ve introduced a new type of automatic pipeline.

If you want to use the core Company tags to organize your research, but need the power of pipelines to move those ideas between workflow stages and create reports, you can now configure a pipeline to automatically map company entities to ideas in your pipeline.

This means that analysts can simply tag their research to companies as usual without worrying about the pipeline, while a PM or compliance officer can manage the pipeline workflow with the companies automatically mapped to individual ideas.

It’s an advanced, powerful feature that’s a little complicated to explain in full in these brief release notes, so if it sounds like something you may be interested in get in touch and we’ll set up a demo and tell you more.

Sharing Improvements

As Bipsync has quickly evolved over the last few years, we’ve added more and more ways to organize your research and quickly share notes and tags across your fund. That rapid evolution has necessarily resulted in some minor inconsistencies, which we like to address when possible to keep the experience as easy to use as possible.

This release has addressed some minor inconsistencies around the sharing model:

  • You can now lock contacts (as you already could with notes and pipeline items), so that you can share a contact without opening up editing rights to everyone.
  • You can now lock custom entities (companies, industries and geographies), again so that you can share them without allowing others to edit them.
  • A share button is displayed on custom entities to make it more obvious that these are shared across the fund.
  • The “Show Only Mine” button in the pipeline interface – that filters all pipeline items to show only those assigned to you – has been renamed to “Show Only Assigned to Me”. This is to avoid confusion with the “Show Only My Notes” in the top-left dropdown menu.

And More

This release also includes a number of other minor improvements and fixes.

Thanks to all our customers and users who have suggested, and helped to shape, some of these new features. As always,  please get in touch if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions.