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As demand for responsible investments continues to grow, asset managers and asset owners are increasingly seeking to include Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in their investment processes and incorporate sustainability into day-to-day decisions and reporting.

Many are also realizing how a modern RMS, like Bipsync, can become a critical enabler of ESG initiatives.

In this post we’ll provide more detail on our configurable ESG workflows, and how our clients are using Bipsync to identify, monitor and proactively manage ESG data, risk and diligence in their research processes.

Whether it’s building ESG dashboards and scorecards, specific note types and configurable fields, calculated scoring and ratings, or diligence checks, reviews and reporting – Bipsync adds structure to your unique investment process to focus on sustainability alignment and monitoring. We do this by helping you integrate your qualitative and quantitative research in one place, layered with powerful process management tools, so you can get both the in-depth detail and the comprehensive overview of the quality of your investments and decisions at your fingertips.

ESG & Bipsync RMS in Practice

Clients leverage Bipsync’s highly-configurable pipelines and process management capabilities to capture and review ESG data in the system across research stages, diligence checklists, dashboards, and more.

An example ESG dashboard configuration in Bipsync

Bipsync’s pipeline stages, diligence checklists and automated progression rules can all be configured to your fund’s specific processes.

You can define stages, diligence requirements, aggregate ESG data and scoring systems, and apply automation rules across each to add consistency and repeatability to the way you monitor and measure your investment decisions.

If you’d like to learn more about how Bipsync’s Modern RMS, and its high levels of configurability, can support your own ESG processes, workflows and custom reporting needs, or would like to arrange a demo to see it in action – get in touch here.

Walking the Walk

No ESG blog would be complete without at least a brief look into our own approach. Indeed, as our clients incorporate ESG criteria in investment processes, we not only support them to monitor and manage ESG diligence in their investment processes via our platform and technology, but we also incorporate sustainability into our own day-to-day decisions and operational activities.

Like our ESG-forward clients, Bipsync is committed to doing business in a way that meets the needs of the present while contributing to an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future.

We’ll be writing more on key areas of our internal sustainability policy here in the future, but essentially we’re working hard to build sustainability into our business and to take company-wide action through sustainable practices across our technology, our workplaces, our day-today and, even our swag!

We’re also committed to encouraging new ideas and actions for new sustainable initiatives internally. To that end, we also welcome the opportunity to extend this discussion to our wider ecosystem of partners and customers to continuously iterate and innovate.

Ultimately, we want people to feel good about using our product and services. We know we’re not alone in this and so strive to build a business ecosystem that not only considers the usefulness and value of what we make but also the social and environmental impact of the whole. If you’d like to learn more about our ESG enablement capabilities or our approach, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.