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For this spotlight on new features, we’re examining the latest Bipsync RMS release which contains at least 2 new ways to make the Bipsync experience even faster, easier and more intuitive.

The biggest and best has to be the text ‘clipper’ functionality we’ve added to the PDF annotator tool. We also take a look at the new Quick Edit modal, designed to allow users to make updates to records in Bipsync without disrupting their flow.

PDF Annotator Clipper – contextualize PDF references directly within the research note

The Advanced PDF Viewer is a popular existing tool within Bipsync that’s used to mark-up PDF files that are attached to notes. Very handy, but somewhat onerous when wishing to leave navigation guidance for other colleagues in the form of descriptive commentaries within notes summarizing findings and stating which pages/chapters to review. What’s been missing is the ability to pull selected extracts through into the note itself – until now that is. 

With the PDF Annotation Clipper, users can select text within these PDF attachments and click to insert that text straight into the note. These ‘annotations’ show the filename they originate from, and clicking on it from the note takes you straight to the part of the PDF it refers to. They even stay up to date so that any change to the annotation in the PDF is reflected automatically in any related note-based annotation. 

In the example below, the user is writing an earnings call report based partly on a PDF document discussed during it. Having positioned their cursor at the relevant point in the note, and with the Advanced PDF Viewer in split mode (in this case a vertical split, but horizontal is also an option), the user selects the desired text and clicks the Bipsync icon to insert it as an annotation.

All this makes it easier to summarize and analyze the content of large PDF files by abstracting selected content into the note body. Reporting and collaboration is smoother and sped up by virtue of not having to manually document navigation guidance or circulate PDFs alongside notes. 

Quick Edit modal – rapidly edit entities without breaking stride

A core tenet of the Bipsync way is allowing customers to configure their RMS any way they like. A small part of that is allowing entities – companies, contacts, etc. – to be edited as required. We’ve now made this even easier by adding a ‘quick edit’ option that allows changes to be made without having to leave the current context.  

Users can get to the Quick Edit modal in two ways:

  • Clicking a tag and selecting Quick Edit/View from the context menu
  • If a lookup field has a certain behavior then creating a new item within that field or the omnifield will automatically open the Quick Edit modal

Fields in the pop-up window are also configurable, and there’s an option for preventing a modal from being closed if it contains mandatory fields that do not have a value.

In practice, this means that users can edit fields ‘on the fly’ rather than briefly pausing their work, going to the edit menus to make changes, and then returning to continue where they left off. It’s a saving of vital seconds during a task, and also helps ensure that important changes stick rather than being thought of but later forgotten. Most importantly it keeps users immersed in their flow states with minimal friction disrupting their workflow.

To learn more, please get in touch or request a demo today!