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The release of RMS 211 has brought with it a number of new features to our Research Management Software including enhanced Slack automation, which you can read more about here. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at two other adjacent features that accelerate data retrieval: tabulated Related Projects widget and a new calculation field.

New Calculation Field

Investment professionals using Bipsync to orchestrate huge quantities of data can typically find anything they need within a couple of clicks. For an even quicker reference point, we’ve added a new field type that’s able to aggregate values of related fields. This provides a real-time calculation of aggregated values (total AUM in a portfolio, for example), saving users from doing it manually.

The field can also be used to display the total value of commitments in a fund, or the average share price against all stock in a portfolio, or the average number of notes tagged against items in a portfolio.

Bipsync RMS Calculated Fields

The “Total Commitments” field shows the Sum of all Commitments for San Mateo Partners.

Thanks to some back-end API integration with our ecosystem partners, the data/values used for the calculation can be populated systematically with another system (e.g. a PMS like Burgiss, etc.). The advantage here is that users without access privileges for these systems can see some of the key data they need pulled through into their Bipsync dashboard instead of having to request that data from a colleague with login credentials. Alternatively, values can be inputted manually.

There are several benefits for the end user; principally saving time and removing cognitive overhead – making workflows faster and more frictionless. It also improves data validity as calculations are updated and available in real time based on changes in values from third-party sources or updates to values made manually by analysts.

Tabulated ‘Related Projects’ Widget

Our second feature in focus is an enhanced view of the Related Projects widget. The widget (which may be referred to by a different name, depending on how the Bipsync implementation is customized; e.g. Related Funds) can now be displayed as a table, allowing it to show a greater breadth of data. 

Bipsync Manager Dashboard

An example Manager Dashboard showing all Related Fund information (e.g. Field Data).

In the example dashboard above, the “Existing Commitments” table displays high-level information for all funds relating to and managed by San Mateo Partners.  To see more information about the Funds, users can click into the Related Funds and be directed to the Fund’s dedicated dashboard view (e.g. San Mateo Partners II), which you can see in the example shown below:

Bipsync RMS Fund Dashboard

An example Fund dashboard

As with the Calculation Field feature, this enhancement saves users valuable time finding the reference data they need. By orienting the Related Projects widget as a table, high-level fund data can now be exposed directly on the Manager dashboards, removing the need for extra clicks to search for that information in another pipeline or project.  

In another example use case, these features are equally valuable for those who are investing directly, giving GP fund managers an instant, high-level view of total portfolio values and breaking that down into the various investments/companies in tabulated form. Now you can see all that and run totals within the app.   

To learn more about how to leverage these features, please get in touch or request a demo today!