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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 95, a minor update with over 20 improvements and fixes that include:

Research Management Calendar

  • The New Note Log widget that appears on dashboards has been improved, to look and behave like a regular calendar. In future releases, this calendar will be enhanced with additional features, including support for events inside the RMS.

Research Automation Rules Improvement 1

Research Automation Rules Improvement 2

  • Two weeks ago, in release 94, we announced a powerful new research automation feature named Rules. In this release we’ve added more options to Rules, including the ability to set conditions on which source a note is created from (e.g. mobile app, email, desktop app), and which website a clipped note is saved from.
  • Subscription notifications have been improved by treating comments as edits to a note, so when someone comments on a note that you would normally receive subscription notifications for, you will now receive a notification for the comment too.
  • Paragraph spacing has been improved for comments that are added as replies to emailed notes.

Please get in touch with your suggestions, feedback and questions.