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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 85. This is a minor update with improvements that include:

  • Improved Tearsheet Support (Beta). In release 84 we introduced a flexible alpha feature for embedding dynamic data into Note Templates that, amongst other uses, could be used to create company tearsheets. This feature has now progressed to beta, with a number of significant improvements. You can still choose from over 100 financial indicators, but you can now also select a range of data dimensions (e.g. Quarterly, Annual, Trailing 12 Month), specify data from any quarter/year from the last decade, and also plot any range of data (e.g. Last 16 quarters, last 5 years) as a sparkline.

RMS Tearsheet for Hedge Funds

  • Shortcode for Snippets. We know that analysts love to use the keyboard for formatting and navigation, which is exactly why we originally developed our Bipsync shortcode system for quickly formatting notes. We’ve now added the ability to insert snippets with a shortcode. Simply type snippet:title into your note (where title is the name of a snippet, skipping any spaces where necessary), and it will automatically be replaced with the specified snippet content when you press return.
  • Dynamic Data in Snippets. Note Snippets now also support the same dynamic data placeholders as templates, so that you can embed the latest data points or charts into your notes with a few simple keystrokes.

RMS Dynamic Snippet

  • API Improvements. You can now set the Shared Groups property on notes created via the API, and also create HTML notes with assets.
  • Maximize Pipeline Dashboard View. The list of projects on pipeline dashboards (e.g. Tasks, Ideas, Investments) can now be maximized to view in full screen mode.
  • Create Tags via Email Subject. Bipsync has always supported tagging in email subject lines, using for example [AAPL US] ticker format and [Tag Name] name format. You can now also create new tags via email, using the [+Type: Name] syntax, for example [+Label: Important] will tag the email to a new label named Important, or [+Company: Bipsync] will tag the email to a new company named Bipsync.

As always, please get in touch with your feedback, suggestions or questions.