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Ever since we introduced Tasks to the Bipsync platform, our community has made the most of being able to assign, progress, and track them across their research processes. Today, as part of Bipsync Notes version 1.55.0, we’re thrilled to introduce the Tasks feature for iOS, making access to many users’ favorite Bipsync web app features easier, faster and universal across the entire Bipsync environment.

Consistent use of Tasks across web app and iOS Bipsync versions

However you use your Bipsync account, setting and managing tasks in our research management software (RMS) is now simpler and more intuitive than ever. We’re always working to make the Bipsync experience as efficient and frictionless as possible, and we’ve done it with this update to the mobile RMS by making tasks consistent across both web app and iOS app platforms. 

We’ll focus on the new Tasks feature for iOS users in this post, but you can find more about our latest product updates here

What’s new?

First is the ability to create new tasks, edit existing, web-app-created ones, and add due dates and priorities for each task. Being able to do this with total flexibility will help our users stay focused and productive even when they’re switching devices and platforms as working patterns dictate.

As well as being able to assign tasks to other users and teams, users will also be able to assign personal tasks to themselves, helping them keep track of their daily actions as well as the actions of their wider teams. With the version 1.55.0 update, when creating a task on your Apple device, you’ll have the option to keep it private or share it with others using the iOS sharing model.

Finally, task tagging extends beyond one or numerous users. Bipsync’s mobile RMS will now let you tag tasks to other entities in the platform – such as companies, projects, or contacts – helping users stay up to date with the whole spectrum of their research processes from the comfort of their iOS device.

Bipsync iOS Tasks

Introducing Tasks feature for Bipsync Notes iOS

More enhancements to come

We’re committed to continually enhancing the Bipsync experience to suit however users choose to work, and to ensure parity across web app and iOS versions. This latest update is just the latest evolution. We’re already hard at work on future updates, where we plan to introduce even more mobile features like reminders to display notifications for due dates. Watch this space!

You can download the Bipsync Notes iOS here.

And don’t forget, if there are other features you’d like to see in a future update, we’re always open to suggestions. Get in touch to let us know.