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Over the past two decades, technology has allowed the democratization of asset classes, enabling investors to analyze, assess, and act on data from a wide range of tools and platforms. Once difficult to access, asset classes such as hedge funds and private markets have become more normalized for a wider range of investors. Today, it’s become comparatively straightforward for an organization to manage multi-asset portfolios, and tech’s the reason – so long as they have a strong command of it.

The diversification of asset allocation has risen in popularity due to its ability to lower risk and improve performance in volatile markets, so much so that in the 15 years since 2003, the amount invested within multi-asset solutions has multiplied more than five-fold, representing $11 trillion AUM. The problem – historically, at least – is that building multi-asset portfolios has been a highly complex process fraught with numerous operational challenges. 

The digitalization of investment processes, data management and workflows has fueled the efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of asset managers and asset owners alike. But for anyone looking to create a multi-asset portfolio, the intractable problem of siloed teams, solutions, and data sources still needs to be addressed. That’s why the Bipsync approach of unifying these elements into a cohesive whole is so valuable.  

Doing it any other way is not impossible, but it’s certainly inefficient and ultimately requires a lot of time, energy, and resources to get right. For smaller organizations that will simply not be an option, while for larger organizations it will erode margins due to unnecessary operational costs. At worst it could undermine good data governance, opening the door to increased compliance risk and the kind of unprecedented financial penalties that come with failing to control data collaboration.

A simple, single source of truth

As more investors turn to multi-asset portfolios the demand for platforms like Bipsync is growing in tandem. Such platforms are vital for combining the findings and expertise of analyst teams and funneling that data into one easy-to-navigate, single source of truth. Bipsync allows firms a lightweight, customizable way to easily build multi-asset portfolios supported by data from multiple sources and presented in a single snapshot. We break down silos created by specialist teams to create a general view of everything a firm could need to make instant, informed decisions on their portfolios – regardless of asset class or investment strategy, and embracing of all the adjacent information systems within the existing tech stack.

And it’s not just your proprietary data that can be made available on our platform. Bipsync integrates with other portfolio monitoring solutions – like Solovis and the Caissa Platform, for example – to create a holistic view of investment allocation to measure returns in a single environment, offering users the analytic capabilities of the various tools they rely on effectively presented in our own workflows.

Being in control of all your data means being in command of all your technologies, which is only possible if all of  your systems are tightly integrated. Bipsync offers all this and more, combining collaboration and data from all sources in one view, so you can create and manage diverse, low-risk multi-asset portfolios with ease.

Ready to take control of your investments?

Reduce risk, diversify your investments, and effectively manage your multi-asset portfolios with Bipsync. To get started, get in touch or book a demo with us today.