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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 140. This release contains some exciting updates to existing functionality, some new rules conditions, and plenty more fixes and improvements.

Product Tour Enhancements

Our in-app Getting Started tour for new users has undergone an all-encompassing refresh to be more feature-rich and act as a helpful ‘how to’ for Bipsync clients to get to grips with the system quickly and easily.

The refreshed “Getting Started” tour.

The revamped product tours include a “Getting Started” overview of our Core RMS features, a “Sharing tour” of collaboration settings, and a “Version history” tour. These tours can now be started by any user at any time by clicking the “Help” toolbar at the bottom of the application page and selecting a tour from the list.

Users can now also find announcements regarding product releases and features, and contact the Bipsync support team, from the “Help” toolbar.

Customizable “Best Match” Tagging

In this release we’ve also improved the usability of our tagging interface.

When a user types text into the tagging field, we try to find a “best match” from the results that match their input. Typically the best match is the tag with the most similar name, but in large organizations with many teams we’ve found that a team may prefer a certain classification of data over others.

We now address this by making smart decisions when determining the best match. For example, a team within an allocator-type organisation might expect to see a fund from their “managed funds” data type take precedence over a matched geography. Similarly if I have a team who only works with vendor management, it makes sense that those vendors are prioritized in the matched results.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Please let us know if you’d like to customize your tagging results.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • A new Rules condition that checks if the author of a note belongs to a certain user group.
  • When a user logs in we now restore the order of sorted items in a workflow.
  • When filtering a dashboard grid, all rows which match at least one of the search terms are now displayed.
  • Files processing performance has been improved.
  • An issue which could cause the “updated” rule condition from failing was resolved.
  • An issue with the Firefox browser which affected the annotation of PDF documents was resolved.

As usual, please get in touch with any questions about this release, or if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Bipsync platform.