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Release 169 of the Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now available. This release adds a new feature for research editors in collaborative teams along with several other improvements and bug fixes.

Exclusive Editing

Bipsync’s intuitive sharing model has long had the ability for users to lock notes that are still being composed or in progress, to prevent accidental or conflicting edits by team members with whom a note has been shared, and to protect integrity and compliance requirements of version history control.

In this release we’ve added a new editing feature which augments the real-time user locking approach. Dubbed “Exclusive Editing”, it allows a user to assume full editorial control of a note. Should any other users want to edit that note at the same time, they need to explicitly take control away from the current editor.

Collaborator “take over” request on an in-progress note

Exclusive Editing effectively ensures that only one user can change a given note at any one time. Teams that work collaboratively, especially those in a distributed working environment, should find it very useful.

Fixed Data Lookup Fields

Another notable addition in this release is a new field type which can show historical representations of related data.

As one easy example, imagine a note field which stores a contact along with a lookup to the company that employs them. This field might be used to record the source of the information captured in a note.

At some stage the contact may move on to pastures new, and their record in Bipsync will be updated to reflect the change in employment. Usually, after this change, the contact field on the note would show the contact’s new company.

With the new Fixed Data Lookup field, you are now able to choose to display the values of related records as they were at the time that the note was created, which can be a better fit for some research processes, such as the example above. There are many scenarios where the fixed data lookup field type could add value, so do get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added additional configuration options to the Setup app, including the ability to enable or disable key features like Pipeline Upload, Auto Tagging and Comments.
  • The calendar event details interface has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented SSO configuration changes from being applied.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Search tutorial prompt to reappear after dismissal.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause duplicate subscription emails from being sent.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented comments from being made on User dashboards.
  • Fixed an issue with the ordering of contexts that contain numeric symbols and/or suffixes.

As usual, please contact us with any questions about this Bipsync Research Management System RMS release, or if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Bipsync platform.