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Bipsync Research Management Software RMS has been updated to release 83. This is a minor update with a few noticeable improvements, that include:

Search Under Label

RMS Search Under Label

A new option to search all nested labels under the currently selected label (if it has nested labels).

Dashboard Calendar Improvements

RMS Calendar

  • The weekly view now starts on a Monday rather than Sunday.
  • Weekend days now have a different background color to more easily differentiate them.
  • Days are color-coded based on five gradients of color rather than four.

Tagging to Labels with Same Name

RMS Label Breadcrumbs

Label parents are now displayed in the tagging interface when you tag by labels, in case you have the same label name under different parent labels. If the label parents are particularly long, when you select the label in the dropdown, wait a second and it will scroll to view in full.

Other Improvements

  • Fixed: email address on the login screen is no longer case sensitive.
  • Various improvements to the responsive version of the web interface when it is accessed through a mobile device.
  • Various improvements to the pipeline/idea aging report.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, and as always do get in touch with your suggestions.