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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 82. If you’re wondering where release 81 went, it was an internal quality release only. This is a minor update with over 20 improvements that include:

Upload a new version of a fund research file

  • New menu item to upload a new version of an existing file. This has always been possible via plugins (e.g. sync changes via the Excel plugin) and email, but you can now do this directly in the web interface too.
  • New button to sort pipelines (e.g. ideas, investments) in the left column.
  • Administrators can now receive individual email notifications for failed login attempts.  If you want us to switch this on for your installation, let us know.
  • User groups can now be disabled, removed and merged in the administration interface.
  • Automation triggers can now use time of day as a condition.
  • The left column responds better to short screen resolutions, reducing the height of the buttons when necessary.
  • The email importer now replies to your email if it fails to import your emailed note for some reason, for example if it contains an attachment with a virus.
  • Fixed a case-sensitivity issue when emailing into internal groups or teams.

As usual, please get in touch if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions.