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In this week’s spotlight, we’re introducing Charlotte White! See what Charlotte had to say about working at Bipsync, and check out our Careers Page to learn more about open positions and how to join the team!

Charlotte is Head of People and Operations at Bipsync UK who is responsible for HR, recruitment, finance, and facilities – and occasionally aids in Quality Assurance testing.  An invaluable member of the team, Charlotte recently celebrated her 5 year anniversary at Bipsync in March 2021.

Prior to Bipsync, Charlotte gained experience working in a wide range of workplaces including children’s social services, hospitality, banking, procurement, and IT buying.  In addition to the many hats that Charlotte wears at Bipsync- outside of work, she enjoys cooking, hosting/organizing dinner parties and events, and generally looking after people. 

Check out what Charlotte had to say about working at Bipsync…

What’s your favorite part about working at Bipsync?
Aside from the people, I like how varied the work is and how much I’m always learning!

What has been your most proud moment at Bipsync (so far)?
When we were awarded “Leading” Certification for our work with a gender diversity charity “Chwarae Teg” (it means “fair play” in Welsh). We joined the Business Programme to ensure our internal processes were not restricting access to development and recruitment opportunities. We did lots of work including introducing a new performance management system and reviewing our current recruitment processes. Upon completion of this work, we were delighted to be awarded the highest level of certification from Chwarae Teg!

Describe what your typical day looks like at Bipsync…
Really varied! Some mornings I’m hosting an Origami coffee session so the team can jump on, catch up, make origami, and have a break from the day to day – and other days I’ll be updating policies, adding exciting benefits, and thinking about how we can make Bipsync a great place to work.

What excites you the most about working in a start-up environment?
The flexibility and opportunities to grow and wear many hats in your role.

What do you think are the most important qualities of your role?
Someone who’s able to build relationships, relate well with people, and listen carefully to what people need.

What would you say is the most satisfying aspect of your role?
Seeing the positive outcomes (smiling faces usually!) of the things we do to try to keep people happy. I’m really proud of my teammates and the way they’ve adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone has contributed to hosting a safe and supportive working environment where self-care is a priority.

How do you think your Bipsync colleagues would describe you in 3 words?
“Really likes wine”

Any other takeaways about working at Bipsync that you’d like to share?
We foster a diverse workforce and inclusive culture here at Bipsync and are super proud to be an equal opportunities employer. I believe our culture empowers all of us to collaborate, belong, learn and grow and we really value the positive impact that difference has on our teams. 

I believe our culture empowers all of us to collaborate, belong, learn and grow, and we really value the positive impact that difference has on our teams. 


Stay tuned for more from the team! If you’re interested in joining us – you can get check out our careers page for openings across our UK and US teams, and more detail on how to get in touch and apply.