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In this week’s Team Spotlight, we’d like to introduce Melvin John! See what Melvin had to say about working at Bipsync, and check out our Careers Page to learn more about open positions and how to join the team!

Melvin John is a Senior Software Engineer at Bipsync!  As a key member of the Product team, Melvin’s responsibilities revolve around the design, development, and support of the Bipsync Notes iOS application – in addition to providing general support for clients. 

After graduating from Cardiff University in 2015, Melvin spent a few years gaining work experience and honing his software development skills as an iOS Engineer at BBC and Sky before joining Bipsync.  When he’s not programming, you can catch Melvin sharpening his videography/photography skills, experimenting with food and cooking, or doing both while traveling!

Check out what Melvin had to say about working at Bipsync…

What’s your favorite part about working at Bipsync? 
My favorite part about working at Bipsync is definitely the fact that as an engineer your work and your skills are widely recognized and appreciated throughout the company so I constantly feel a great sense of ownership in the work that I am doing and its impact on our customers and the company’s future. My previous jobs were with very large organizations which often felt limiting as to how quickly and widely ideas could be communicated but working at Bipsync, I feel empowered and motivated to communicate my ideas. I also feel like the culture is the best part about Bipsync. Everyone is incredibly friendly. I can go to anyone in any department and they’ll be more than happy to help me out.

What has been your most proud moment at Bipsync (so far)?
We recently released a new and exciting feature, Document Scanner, you can read about it here. I am very proud to have had the opportunity to work on this feature as I was able to innovate on the designs and work with some exciting technologies which widened my skills as an iOS engineer. But honestly, every moment at Bipsync is a proud moment. We are constantly innovating and aspiring to use the latest and the greatest technologies to better our user’s experience and as an engineer, this is really exciting!

Describe what your typical day looks like at Bipsync…
Most of my time at Bipsync is spend planning and developing software features for the Bipsync Notes iOS app. I also keep an eye out for any live issues, deal with any problems that our clients are facing, fixing bugs, testing features, and help with releasing new AppStore versions of our Bipsync Notes iOS App.

What excites you the most about working in a start-up environment?
Having worked for large organizations in the past I feel the turnaround for decision making, adopting new technologies, and just trying things out seems a lot quicker – which is fantastic – it opens up a lot of opportunities to learn and develop my skills. Also, the feeling of not being tied down to legacy APIs and versions of software is great, allowing us to bring new, useful, and exciting features to our customers.

What do you think are the most important qualities of an iOS Engineer?
Ability to learn, adapt and grow. Continuously improving your knowledge base by learning and experimenting with new software patterns, technologies, etc. are key to being a good software engineer.

What would you say is the most satisfying aspect of your role?
I think Bipsync provides a lot of opportunities to grow and develop your skills both socially and professionally.

How do you think your Bipsync colleagues would describe you in 3 words?
Getting things done.

Any other takeaways about working at Bipsync that you’d like to share?
There are a lot of opportunities to grow and develop your skills at Bipsync makes it a fantastic place to work. I always feel supported by my colleagues and definitely feel included. At Bipsync your ideas are welcomed and embraced, it’s never a case that one idea will be better than the other, everyone shares their opinion about the idea – which ultimately makes for a better product because no one is arguing about the features and it comes together being really cool.

At Bipsync, your ideas are welcomed and embraced… everyone shares their opinion about the idea – which ultimately makes for a better product


Stay tuned for more from the team! If you’re interested in joining us – you can get check out our careers page for openings across our UK and US teams, and more detail on how to get in touch and apply.