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According to a new report from research and advisory firm Celent, major change is afoot in the production, distribution and consumption of investment research content and data.

We all know that there are now hundreds technology firms and services that support the investment decision-making process; from new alternative data providers, to buy-side services and research aggregators, digital distribution and collaboration and chat providers. The list goes on…

This all pushes increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data as critical inputs into the investment process. And it’s why, as Celent notes in it’s latest report, the industry has seen a surge in demand for systems capable of centralizing, managing, tracking and executing decisions based on insights from these new data sets – Research Management Systems RMS

We’re excited to share some of this latest RMS insight from Celent analysts in the paper “Navigating Research Management Systems” – you can download a complimentary copy of the report here.

The report delves into the changing levers and systems of the modern ResearchTech ecosystem and how it’s evolution has elevated the role of the modern Research Management System we see across the industry today. 

We all know that Research Management Systems are, of course, not new. But as a new imperative emerges across the industry, the central position of Modern RMS as the decision engine has bedded-in.

In fact, industry analysts have labeled the Modern RMS as “the nerve center” of the investment process, for its ability to overlay the workflows, and integrate the research and data sources, required to enable informed investment decisions. 

“The re-emergence of RMS will be the nerve center for capital markets players amid post- pandemic uncertainty. Now is the time to maximize emerging technologies in investment strategies.”

Eiichiro Yanagawa – senior analyst, Celent and co-author of “Navigating Research Management Systems”.

If you’re considering evaluating your research operations, providers or tech stack in 2021, you’ll find these latest insights of use. And, if you’d like to discuss modern and agile approaches to modernizing your investment research-stack, you can get in touch to speak with one of our team here.