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The Bipsync Research Management System (RMS) is now on release 84. This is a major update with a number of significant new features for research analysts and fund managers…

New Stock Price Chart with Technical Analysis

The financial chart that displays on Company and some Pipeline (Idea, Investment) dashboards has been significantly revamped, and can now be maximized to perform basic technical analysis. The new, color-coded candlestick chart includes a choice of timeframe, two configurable moving averages (simple or exponential), and displays MACD and RSI indicators along with the volume.

Bipsync RMS Financial Chart

Display Notes on Stock Price Chart

The new financial chart also includes small arrows along the top axis, to show when notes in the RMS were created in relation to the timeframe of the stock price. Hover over an arrow to display the date and number of notes; click the arrow to filter the middle notes list to display those notes.

RMS Financial Chart with Notes

Plot Fund Data from Pipeline/Company Fields on Stock Price Chart

You can now plot any price, date or trade data from Company or Pipeline (idea, investment) fields on the stock price chart.

RMS Fields

This can be combined with the ability to hide certain fields from the display (e.g. trade data, if it’s not to be updated via the RMS) so that they’re only plotted on the graph. You can also update all field values via API, to tightly integrate fundamental data with your internal projections and trades.

As with the note arrows, you can simply hover over any trade arrow (up for buy, down for sell) to view information about that trade.

RMS Chart Internal Data

Update any Field via Excel

You can now update any field via a cell value in Excel, such as price targets and catalyst dates for investment ideas. To do this, we simply configure your fields so that each one has a unique identifier, e.g. pricetarget or catalystdate.

You can then include this identifier in the comment of a cell that represents that value. By using cell comments, analysts don’t have to follow a particular layout of Excel model, they just need to include a comment wherever particular values appear in their spreadsheet.

This means that whenever the Excel file is uploaded or synchronized into Bipsync, the value(s) will be extracted from the spreadsheet and automatically updated in the idea/company etc. If the field is also plotted on the financial chart, the chart will automatically update too.

Excel files can be quickly and easily synced/uploaded into Bipsync in many ways, including:

  • Emailed
  • Uploaded via the Bipsync web app.
  • Synced via the Bipsync Excel plugin.
  • Synced via the Bipsync desktop app.

The last two options are particularly easy;  after you’ve added the comments to your Excel file, every time you save the file locally the changes will be synced automatically to Bipsync and the relevant values updated automatically.

Take a look at this quick demonstration to see the new Excel field sync in action:

Signature/Footer Removal for Emailed Notes

You can now define signatures, disclaimers and other unwanted email footer text to remove from notes that you email into Bipsync. Configure these through Data > Email Content to Strip in the Bipsync Administration interface, or talk to your Customer Success Manager who will be happy to set it up for you.

Signatures are removed immediately after the email is initially imported, so there’s always a first version of the note stored in the RMS with all of the original email intact – simply use the Previous Versions note menu item to view and revert to the original email if needed.

Display Name of Shared Users/Groups in Subscription Emails

When you receive subscription emails to notify you about changes in the Bipsync RMS, the information for each note now also includes the names of other users or groups that the note is shared with.

Search: Go To Company and History

When you search for a company that you haven’t previously tagged a note to, that company will now display in the search menu as a “Go To Company” option, so that you can quickly access the dashboard – and financial chart – for the company.

Go To Company (RMS)

Another new search feature in this release is the addition of history. You can now click the magnifying glass next to the search bar to access your recent search history.

Research Search History

Template Tearsheets (Alpha)

We’ve started to build data access into Note Templates, so that you can create company tearsheets and other automatically-populated notes using pre-defined placeholders.

Using the Tearsheet

At the moment we support over 100 financial indicators from over a decade of historic data, and we’ll soon add other databases to provide everything you might need in a company tearsheet, including the option to embed automatically generated charts from the data.

We’ll be rolling this feature out to all paid customers over the coming weeks – get in touch if you’d like to be one of the first to try it.

Fundamental Data on Pipeline Dashboards (Alpha)

Pipeline dashboards have always been highly customizable, with the ability to display any of your internal pipeline fields and complex calculated scores. We’ve now added the ability to also display any fundamental data on the dashboard, from over 100 different metrics. This is also an alpha feature we’ll be rolling out soon – again, please get in touch if you’d like to be one of the first to use it.

RMS Workflow Pipeline Dashboard with Fundamental Data

And Plenty More…

This release also includes dozens of minor improvements and fixes, such as the ability to notify a configurable email address if a Global-Relay style archive email fails (i.e. bounces) for any reason, and better handling of Microsoft Exchange generated ATT0001.txt style attachments on emailed notes.

As a major update with such a large number of new features, we’ll be taking the time to dig further into some of the updates outlined above on the blog over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to learn more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like any further information on this release in the meantime or if you have any feedback or questions on Bipsync RMS. As always, thanks to all our customers and users who have suggested and helped to shape these features.