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Author: Dan Zambonini


We trained a recurrent neural network with over 9,000 real hedge fund names, and then asked it to suggest new names based on the patterns it found in the data. So if you’re starting up a new hedge fund and have exhausted all the “masculine color + sturdy natural object” combinations, maybe there’s something in this list for you.

UNDER THE HOOD: Technically, Justin Johnson’s excellent torch-rnn did most of the hard work, which in turn is built on the Torch scientific computing framework. Torch-rnn analyzes the data character-by-character, working out which characters most commonly go together in sequence. This can produce more interesting suggestions than Markov chain algorithms, that typically build up patterns word-by-word, like the Subreddit Simulator posts.

One last point to mention before we get to the suggestions. Once trained with existing data, the neural network can output suggestions with a configurable amount of “temperature“. This essentially controls how conservative the suggestions should be: should the next character be a letter that most frequently follows the previous character, or can it be a bit more liberal in choosing some of the less-frequent proceeding characters?

The higher the temperate (on a scale from 0 to 1), the more latitude the neural net has in combining characters; this produces more interesting output, but is sometimes meaningless. For the suggestions below, we’ve grouped the results by temperature, with the more conservative “boring-looking” results first.

Disclaimer: we’ve tried to automatically remove all existing real hedge fund names from the suggested names (yes, sometimes the neural net is smart enough to suggest a real name). Please let us know if you spot your hedge fund name in the suggestions, and we’ll remove it immediately.

Best conservative suggestions (temperature: 0.5)

  • Dew Asset Management
  • Clank Capital Management
  • Beak Capital Management
  • Mading Partners
  • Hark Capital Management
  • Blank Strategies
  • Molenation Capital Management
  • Cent Street Capital
  • Bean Rose Capital
  • Older Capital Management
  • Blaster Capital
  • Alternation
  • Goo Capital Management
  • Glue Asset Management
  • Arthole Capital Management
Download the full list of 730 suggestions.

Best less-conservative suggestions (temperature: 0.75)

  • Dontfit Capital Management
  • Oast Pease Strategimentos
  • Park Scan Asset Management
  • Liver Capital Alternative Advisors Asset Management
  • Corksour Capital
  • Alfin Poo
  • Bon Capital Management
  • Fund-Sa
  • Midmingting Capital
  • Brine Prey Capital Management
  • MAM Capital
  • Live Capital
  • Bald Partners
  • Bot Capital
  • Apptentive
  • Blue Pired Capital
  • Rich Asset Management
  • Everneck Investment Advisors
  • Grouptrees Capital
  • Mach Investment Management
  • Park Polation & Investimentos
  • Investment Fondices
Download the full list of 850 suggestions.

Best “go crazy” suggestions (temperature: 1)

  • Sageant
  • Babinty Street Capital Partners
  • Blu Trossories
  • AlphaRHP
  • Mento Capital
  • Blue Wim Asset Management
  • B6O Sight Management Management
  • FTII Capital
  • LA Capital
  • Fosa Weak Funds
  • Pillo Capital Management
  • H-Fundarce Capital
  • Alphades
  • 3PH Greek Partners
  • Quantitional
  • Bluingy Capital
  • Cane Ridge Asset Management
  • Jork Investment Management
  • Fun Rock Asset Management
  • Salta 82 Investments
  • Bass Management Partners
  • Saxy Capital
  • Ropestridge Capital
  • Ridgeon Partners
  • .Pay
  • Eates Silum Funds
Download the full list of 850 suggestions.

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