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Every percentage point counts for this master of precision


a coffee with geraint

Name: Geraint Owen
Role: Lead QA Engineer
Coffee: No thanks – hot chocolate!

If you hadn’t guessed it from his choice of beverage (above), be in no doubt that Geraint Owen is a certified chocoholic. To this Swansea University alumnus, who heads the software QA and testing team at Bipsync, dark chocolate is considered “a daily essential” that “solves anything and everything.” And the higher the percentage of cacao it contains, the better.

A passion for quality

Keeping tabs on percentages is par for the course in Geraint’s work too, as he’s responsible for testing Bipsync software to exacting quality standards prior to each production release. The paradox of the job is that while it comes pre-built with immovable quality guardrails, there’s plenty of freedom to innovate too.

“I love having the freedom to look at new technologies and see how we could utilize them in QA to enhance what we do. There’s always that one game changer that makes a huge difference to how we work.”

Geraint has been at Bipsync for the last year. After studying Computer Science and taking a postgrad teaching degree, Geraint worked for the UK government in various tech roles before switching to the private sector and winding up at Bipsync. But while Geraint’s love for technology is evident, his passion extends far beyond the digital realm. An avid mountain biker, he relishes the freedom of being surrounded by nature, whether conquering mountains or exploring deep forests. 

“My dog Marlowe will usually come along too and race me at my wheel. He always wins, incidentally. I also love cars and have not long had my dream car – a Lotus Elise – which I’m super excited about. I’ll happily spend hours cleaning it to perfection, only to go on a long drive and then have to do it all over again.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

Driving a precision-engineered two-seater roadster or navigating your way down a steep mountain trail with your bike (and your dog) perhaps aren’t the best examples of teamworking activities, but Geraint is a passionate advocate for teaming up with colleagues at work. In fact, Geraint is keen to point out that teamplay is one of the best things about working at Bipsync and its tight-knit community culture where camaraderie and productivity intertwine seamlessly.

“Bipsync is very much a team effort. We do have a lot of fun, play games, be daft, though we also knuckle down as true professionals and get serious work done. QA is a small team so every day is a new adventure and you’re never fully sure what work is coming your way. But we manage to keep it relaxed and chilled with everybody supporting each other.”

During moments of relative calm, Geraint focuses on expanding his toolsets, implementing automation, and envisioning a testing strategy that aligns with ever-changing business needs and new technological advancements. Recognizing the importance of individual growth, Geraint ensures that each QA professional under his tutelage has the opportunity to pursue their personal goals, while offering his unwavering support whenever needed.

“My advice to anyone starting out in QA/testing is don’t settle for what’s in front of you or what you’ve been told; question everything, be curious, explore, think outside the box and keep looking forward. It’s so important to get into the right mindset to test thoroughly and push for perfection.” 

Rocking around the Bipmas tree

Bipmas stands as one of Geraint’s most cherished memories at Bipsync, an extraordinary celebration that exceeded his wildest expectations. For those who don’t know, Bipmas is Bipsync’s take on enjoying and sharing Christmas at work with colleagues, and also family and friends too.

“Most places just do a meal and drinks. But Bipsync goes above and beyond with ‘Bipmas’, a full day of activities, eating, drinking and being merry – last year’s was such a laugh. There’s Christmas parties and then there’s Bipsync Christmas, it’s just in another league and then some.” 

Looking ahead to the rest of this year and beyond, Geraint and his team are hatching ambitious plans to enhance the coverage, effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of software release testing. “We’re implementing automated tests for the majority of the platform, encompassing web, iOS, and desktop, covering a wide range of scenarios. And we’re breaking new ground in performance and security testing too.”

On a personal note, having recently fulfilled his dream of owning a Lotus Elise, the open road beckons once more for this quality-driven maverick.

“I’m super keen to take lots of trips, touring and exploring new places, and maybe putting it through its paces at the odd track day, just for fun. Wales has some spectacular roads, but I also really want to get back up to Scotland and maybe do a trip into mainland Europe.”

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