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This bona fide Groundhog Day expert says every day is different at Bipsync


coffee with samantha

Name: Samantha Croy
Role: Senior Project Manager
Coffee: Iced latte with oat milk

You don’t need a colorful past to enjoy a bright future, but Samantha Croy is one of those people you can tell has got both. Like all good project managers, she’s constantly moving, communicating and always has something new on the go.

“I travel frequently, food is life, I watch horror movies for fun, I’m the president of a Punxutawney Phil Groundhog Day chapter, and my dog is my best friend. His name is Toast and yes, he looks like a piece of bread.”

Creature comforts

For readers unfamiliar with the whimsical and time-honored folklore of ‘Groundhog Day’, Punxutawney Phil (a large rodent resident of rural Pennsylvania) occupies a unique and exalted position somewhere between the Dalai Lama and one of those Magic 8 Balls. But this affinity with Groundhog-ery isn’t borne from a connection to this or any other particular part of the country.

“The ‘where are you from’ question is always difficult for me to answer. And my interests are as random as the list of places I’ve lived. I grew up in Washington, Montana, New Mexico, Florida, and Texas. I finally found myself at The George Washington University in DC where I learned that I’m a city girl.”

Here she took on significant roles including president of her sorority, a member of the creative team for TEDxFoggyBottom (‘Foggy Bottom’ being the DC neighborhood of GWU as well as numerous federal agencies and international institutions) and volunteering at the Humane Society. 

Academically, she pursued a major in finance with a minor in psychology – a dynamic combination that fuels her understanding of human behavior and decision-making processes. 

From DC to NYC

Samantha graduated in 2018, moving swiftly into software project implementation roles in the NYC private markets space before joining the Bipsync team almost exactly 2 years ago. So what’s that been like?

“I love that we all care about the product we’re working on, and we all like to have fun while doing it. The culture here really suits me. My colleagues are kind, incredibly smart, and passionate. But while the intelligence of our crew is second to none, everyone can also be very silly! We have fun and truly enjoy working together.”

Samantha enjoys her coworkers (“My favorite part is the people”) but what really sets Bipsync apart is the perfect balance between work and play. This atmosphere transforms work into a rewarding and enjoyable experience, making everyone eager to collaborate and embrace each new day with enthusiasm.

Never a dull moment

What else strikes you about talking to Samantha is that – putting aside her Punxutawney Phil connection – she’s keenly aware of what a repetitive, hamster-wheel ‘Groundhog Day’ looks like and so works to promote an environment where every day is different.

“I’m responsible for maintaining project documentation, establishing/communicating status updates, escalating project issues, and ensuring that all stakeholders are working efficiently towards project goals.

And yes, every day IS a little different. Bipsync is growing quickly, so the number of implementations increases with that and I’m on point for facilitating the largest ones. 

The plan is to grow the team and have a full Project Management function that can support our efforts as we scale.”  

Onwards and upwards

According to Samantha, memorable moments are plentiful at Bipsync, from shared laughs during brainstorming sessions to witnessing the collective excitement when significant milestones are achieved. It’s also a great place for her to develop her career in project management, with opportunities for reward and progression in a vibrant and supportive atmosphere.

To those embarking on a journey in Project Management, Samantha’s advice is to prioritize understanding your customers and becoming a skilled problem solver.

“Take the time to listen to your customers, ask thoughtful questions, and be passionate for continuous learning. The more knowledge you acquire, the more effectively you can communicate and find innovative solutions to challenges.”

Check out the latest job openings at Bipsync here. You can also ask to connect with or follow Samantha on Linkedin here.