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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 101, with various new features and improvements that include:

Advanced File Support (Beta)

  • The visual style of files has been improved to make them easier to select, and to display more information about each file.
  • As a new beta feature, files can now be attached to contacts, companies, ideas, portfolio positions, labels, and most other types of tag.
  • “File Types” can be configured so that you can specify that a file is a “Model” or a “Report” or any other type. File Types can be limited to a particular object type, so that companies have a different set of File Types to notes, for example. You can also specify that certain File Types are limited to one-per-object, for example if you want to limit files to a single “Model” type per idea.

Pipeline Dashboard Improvements

  • A new “By assignee” view is available for Pipeline dashboards, to visually split all projects by stage and assignee.

  • Pipeline dashboards can now be filtered by any pipeline property (e.g. assignee, idea type).
  • Pipelines with only one active stage – like most Portfolios – will no longer display the Stage column on the dashboard, to make better use of the available space.
  • Pipeline dashboards can be configured to show particular properties of data, for example the first name of a person rather than full name, or the stock ticker rather than full stock name.

Other Improvements

  • A new financial chart option to plot OHLC (Open/High/Low/Close) instead of Close price.
  • A new financial chart option to plot only particular note types (e.g. only Meetings, or only Trades, or only Calls).

  • A new option to sort companies by number of notes.

    • A re-designed keyboard-shortcut “Go To” interface that displays multiple best matches with relevant icons.
    • A new keyboard shortcut (Alt+M) for the maximize/minimize button.
    • The option to edit mappings for built-in company records, e.g. which countries and industries they automatically tag to.
    • Comments:
      • The interface for adding inline comments has been improved, so that you can @mention people.
      • If you type a comment, forget to submit it, and move away from a screen, your draft comment will re-appear in the comment box when you return to the same screen.
    • A new option in Rules that send a list of notes via email, to send note links that point to the Compliance App rather than regular Bipsync Web App.
    • Improvements to “Portfolio CSV Import” functionality.
    • Improvements to “Paste from Word” functionality.
    • Improvements to Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Various improvements to SAML Single Sign-On support.
  • Dozens of fixes and improvements to the Task Management functionality introduced in release 100.
  • Dozens of other fixes and minor improvements.

Many of these new features and improvements were suggested by our users, so as usual, please get in touch with your feedback, suggestions or questions.