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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 77, with improvements that include:

Auto-Capitalization Research Management Note Editor

  • Automatic capitalization of sentences in the note editor. This is switched on by default, and can be disabled in Settings > Preferences > Note Auto-Capitalize.
  • Improved API, with new support for user management, user groups, note filtering, note search, contacts, pipelines, projects and more.
  • New backup transfer option: SFTP (see also previous release notes for other recently added backup options).
  • New “Files” tab/list in the Compliance Report that lists all attachments for currently filtered notes.
  • Change: New users will have the “Receive notifications for every email received” setting defaulted to Off.
  • Improved: Note maximize button displays at lower resolutions.
  • Fixed: 400 error displayed when unable to preview HTML attachment.
  • Fixed: To-dos in a locked note appear clickable.
  • Fixed: Can tag a note to a label twice.
  • Fixed: Error displayed if a search includes the percentage symbol.
  • Fixed: Custom field values displayed incorrect totals in left column when in Only Group X view.
  • Fixed: Bullets aren’t retained in emailed-in note comments.

Please get in touch if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions.