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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 86, a minor update with over 30 improvements that include:

Show Related Tickers in Bipsync RMS

  • Show Related Tickers. A new option in the middle notes list to display the tickers of any tagged companies above each note. This option works in all view modes, including Full Summary, Title Only and Title and First Line.
  • File Auto-Preview Improvements. If you’ve previously added a note to Bipsync that has an attachment but no text, you’ll have noticed that the system automatically switches to the file preview. Many users find this efficiency feature useful, but some have told us that they’d prefer to always see the default note window with title and tags, and choose when to preview a file. In the new release, you can choose to disable File Auto-Preview, under Settings > Preferences > Display Settings > File Auto-Preview. Additionally, the system will now only switch to auto-preview when there is a single attachment, not for a note with multiple attachments.
  • HTML Field. Bipsync has always supported a wide variety of custom field types that can be added to notes, companies, industries, ideas, investments, contacts, etc. This includes text fields, number fields, lookup fields, date fields, and more. In the new release, you can add HTML fields, which allow formatted HTML text in a custom field.
  • Activity Report Improvements. Various improvements to the ageing/activity report.
  • Evernote Import Improvements. Various improvements to the Evernote import, including support for Evernote XML exports.
  • Tag Mapping Improvements. Improvements to Company-to-Industry mapping. Bipsync automatically tags notes to specific industries based on a note’s company tags. In the new release, automated tags will also be added for classifications higher in the GICS hierarchy, such as Sector (note: these still all display in the Industry list in the left panel).

As usual, many of these improvements were suggested by our users and customers, so please continue to get in touch with your feedback, suggestions or questions.