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Bipsync Research Management System RMS Release 61 is a minor release, with over 40 improvements and fixes.

Compliance Report Enhancements

The Compliance Report is one of a number of tools we offer to help Compliance Officers.

Compliance Report

The latest release contains two updates to make the report even better:

  • All access to – and usage of – the compliance report is logged. A summary of the log can be emailed automatically on a periodic basis to a customizable email address, to help prove that compliance duties are being performed.
  • The report has always allowed filtering and exporting of notes, but now you can also browse, read and print the selected notes inline without leaving the report or performing an export.

Compliance Report Notes

Additional Security Enhancements

Security has always been our priority, and the latest release demonstrates our ongoing commitment to securing your research.

  • Configurable password policies per customer. Choose which rules apply to user passwords, including:
    • Minimum length.
    • Minimum complexity, such as number of capital letters, special characters or numerals.
    • Disallow dictionary words and common passwords.
    • Disallow repeating patterns.
  • Create users with single-use passwords that must be changed, e.g. for new users.
  • Enhanced file upload verification, including automated virus scanning.
  • Dual authentication system for the administration interface.
  • Two-Factor Authentication support for the compliance report interface.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: support for a configurable time period between prompting for TFA code.

Other Improvements

The 30+ other improvements include:

  • Custom Field subscriptions. Bipsync subscriptions allow you to stay updated on the topics that matter to you, by subscribing to note updates by company, author, industry, etc. You can now also subscribe to any of your fund’s custom fields, e.g. if you have Note Types like Memo, Call, Model and Meeting.
  • Support for “Undo” delete of pipeline projects.
  • Emailed notes now contain the sender name in the From address, so they appear to come from “Sam Smith via Bipsync” in your inbox, rather than just “Bipsync”.
  • The note editor now supports pasting images in Firefox (Chrome and Internet Explorer have always supported image pasting).

As usual, let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback about Bipsync Research Management Software.