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Our latest look at what’s inside the Bipsync platform includes a couple of labor-saving features designed to help the Bipsync community do more through less: less app switching, fewer clicks, and less friction, meaning more efficiency, better productivity, and faster results. RMS 213 introduces a new color code system for calendars and the ability to merge entities within the web-app – both of which make it simpler than ever for Bipsync users to achieve uninterrupted peak performance. 

We’ll take a deep dive into each new feature throughout this post, but you can find even more information on the latest RMS update here

Color-Coded Calendar Events

Our users spend a lot of time in their Bipsync environment, and the last thing they need is breaking their focus as they switch screens and tabs managing and searching for vital information. So, as part of our continuing work enhancing data visualization, RMS 213 sees the introduction of color-coded calendar events.

For example, corporate access calls can be shown in yellow, management meetings in red, expert network calls in blue, and so on. As with many new features, this handy visual improvement was requested by a Bipsync customer, improving upon their existing conditional colors on classification and pipelines. Taking things one step further, colors can be applied in a similar way across calendar event types. Today, all of our users can benefit from the same color-coded calendar classification.

Bipsync calendar types

Example of the Bipsync Calendar widget and color coded Event Types

To make the most of this helpful new feature, simply agree on the color coding logic you’d like and speak to your CSM to have it configured.

The new color coding feature also works seamlessly with our Microsoft Outlook plugin, which you can read about here. The plugin will send an event into the Bipsync platform, allowing you to apply various tags that will follow your color-coding logic, et voila – you now have a color-coded, visually organized calendar to help you keep track of meetings, deadlines, and more.

We’re always improving our platform to make life easier for our users and we’re confident that the introduction of color-coded calendar events does just that – helping stay on top of workflows with calendars that are faster and easier to navigate.

Merging Entities in the Web App

In addition, we’ve introduced a much-requested improvement to entity merging in this latest update. The updated merge option allows users to: 

  • Move any file on the ‘merge from’ entity into the new ‘merge into’ entity.
  • Find any field where the ‘merge from’ entity is tagged and replace the ID with the ‘merge into’ entity ID within group fields or across other collections.
  • Stay in control of their data as they set controls to prevent updated data from changing.

Merging duplicate entity records

Data is the lifeblood of research management systems, and we’re pleased to introduce new options that help our users control and protect the data they rely on and maintain better database hygiene and validity.

Got a feature request? We’re always open to suggestions so please get in touch!