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Filtering, sorting, aggregating and orchestrating data in Bipsync has been significantly enhanced, thanks to the new grids widget UI. 

Grids have long been a common and popular way to visualize and manipulate complex data sets in the Bipsync web app. Grid views are a fundamental way of managing data, condensing large numbers of items into a single view to aid quick analysis; avoiding the need to continually switch between views, or manually produce and augment multiple reports.   

However, this latest enhancement to the Bipsync experience utilizes best-of-breed JavaScript grid components that enable users to ‘slice and dice’ data for their unique requirements faster and easier, with many more possibilities for viewing and exploring their investment information.   

Effortless, responsive and multi-dimensional

There’s a long list of extra capabilities included in the new grids feature (listed below), but just a few minutes’ familiarization is ample to grasp the intuitiveness of the experience. 

For example, columns can now be reordered simply by dragging and dropping. You can pin columns too. Columns are easier to sort and search, and can be grouped – with preferences persisted for each user for the next time they return to the grid view.  

Filtering is much more comprehensive and robust with the new grids. Filtering inputs are accessed by clicking the 3 horizontal lines icon on any header cell and then clicking the filter icon. The following are filtering inputs that are now possible with the latest update:

  • Filtering by text
    • Shows an input and a selector to choose the operator (such as “Contains”, “Not contains”, “Starts with”)
    • When a value is input, another set of input and selector is shown as well as an AND/OR radio selector
    • Enables users to perform filtering such as – contains “this” AND not contains “that”. Or – contains “this” OR contains “that”
  • Filtering by number
    • Similar to text filtering but with different operators, such as “Greater than”, “Less than or equal to”
  • Filtering by date
    • Similar to text and number filtering but shows a date input
  • Filtering by list
    • Where there are a finite number of options such as List fields or the Stage column the list of options are shown with a checkbox next to them
  • Filtering by lookup
    • A token input is shown
    • Tokens can be added and will show rows that have one of the tokens

Most importantly of all, the underlying sources and artifacts shown in grid data fields are all linked for immediate access. And users can export grid data ranges directly into their own Excel sheets to complete further number crunching and analysis. 

Check out a quick demo below:

Visualizing and manipulating data in an interactive grid format is also fast and responsive, despite the abundance of possibilities. Data is also presented intuitively, with appropriate column alignments for text and numeric values, plus pagination of grid results for ease of reference.      

Summary of main grid widget UI capabilities

  • Column selector search function
  • Users can choose which column to group by
  • Columns can be reordered via drag and drop 
  • ‘Group by’ choice is remembered and restored when the user comes back to the grid
  • Paginated grids rather than infinite scrolling
  • Single or multiple columns can be pinned, to either the left or right of the grid
  • Summary rows show as pinned rows at the bottom of grids
  • Excel & CSV exports and report exports supported
  • Number columns are right aligned

See it in action!

Take a look at the new grid widget UI in your Bipsync implementation, or request a demo to see the platform in action.