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One of the exciting features of the Bipsync Notes mobile app is the native iOS support for the Apple Pencil on iPads. Working with the Apple Scribble app, this feature enables our users to continue to take notes, edit their dashboard, input data, and attach sketches using the innovative Apple Pencil – with no keyboards in sight!

We’re always working to improve our core web app RMS and its iOS counterpart, and we’re confident that the Apple Pencil compatibility will improve the mobile user experience for many of our iPad users.

From here, we’ll be digging into exactly what Apple Pencil compatibility with Bipsync looks like and how it will benefit users. If you’re interested in additional features and improvements, be sure to check out the latest RMS update here.

Handwritten field inputs and notes

Users can now handwrite notes directly into Bipsync using an Apple Pencil and a supported iPad, without the need for an onscreen keyboard. The handwritten input will automatically be converted into text, enabling you to input data into relevant fields, attach tags and transcribe notes with ease.

Intuitive as ever, the Bipsync Notes app will also recognize your handwriting and preemptively offer suggestions for appropriate words or even tags. For example, if you start writing the word ‘meeting’ when adding a tag, the platform will see this and suggest (in this example) your commonly used tag ‘meeting notes’, so you can be more organized in less time.

From search to omnifield, new event to comment, the Apple Pencil works on every field in the iOS application.

Intuitive editing of existing data

Not only does Bipsync iOS allow for handwritten data input, it also introduces intuitive editing of existing information using the Apple Pencil. 

Our dashboards are invaluable to our community and we’re happy to confirm that the Apple Pencil can now be used to seamlessly navigate, manipulate and edit the entire dashboard. Whether it’s data input fields or bespoke widgets, users can edit and traverse their dashboards with just a flick of the wrist.

Contextualized data with sketches

At this stage, users aren’t able to keep their handwriting as part of the note body, as Apple Scribble automatically converts handwritten inputs to text on an iPad. 

However, should you want handwritten notes to remain handwritten, you can easily save them as PDF Sketches. This is great for capturing schematics and other conceptual doodles noted down during meetings and calls, and pulling them right into Bipsync. Simply tap on a note, tap the ellipses in the bottom right of the screen, and tap Attach Sketch. 

Simplicity, performance and a great user experience are what Bipsync is all about, making integration between the platform and the Apple Pencil a natural fit. Now, users can work how they want, on the device they want, with the tools they want, allowing for improved productivity and better insights.

If you’ve got a request for another great feature, get in touch or request a demo – we’re always open to suggestions!