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The latest improvements to the Bipsync RMS better equip users and admins to harness the power of the platform and tailor it to their unique requirements autonomously, avoiding requests to Bipsync’s customer success team. Specifically:

  • the ability to optimize bespoke note exports in PDF and email formats through an extended range of templates
  • greater admin control over user management and onboarding. 

Improved note exports to PDF and email

With so much high-value data living within Bipsync, organizations want a fast way of sharing notes with external stakeholders in a consistently well-presented way. This has long been supported by Bipsync RMS’s capacity to export notes in PDF and email formats. 

However, the most recent release significantly improves how these exported notes appear as email/PDFs, thanks to a more modern and refreshed template design. We have also applied responsive design so that different forms of note content always render optimally when used in coordination with one of the three most popular email clients: Apple Mail, Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook.

Customizable note export layouts

It isn’t just the design appearance of note exports that’s improved, but also the choice of possible layout options for each export too. This allows admins to control and customize the ordering of note template sections.  To explore customization options, get in touch with our Customer Success team at

Autonomous user management and onboarding

Enhanced autonomy is also at the heart of Bipsync’s user management and onboarding improvements. User management features – such as adding and deactivating users, filtering user groups, etc. – are now integrated directly into the Bipsync RMS application. Previously, authorized users needed to access a separate app or place requests with the Customer Success / implementation team. 

improved pdf note export

Removing these steps makes for a more seamless user experience, which in turn contributes to greater productivity and performance, and ensures best practices around user onboarding and offboarding.

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