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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 98, with updates that include:

  • A new configuration option to include tickers in brackets before the note title in notes emailed out of Bipsync, e.g. (TSLA) Tesla Q4 Earnings. Let us know if you’d like us to enable this on your installation, and whether you prefer (round) or [square] brackets.
  • Improvements to the list of tags included in the body of emailed notes, including simpler formatting and the inclusion of tickers for company tags.
  • Improvements to security ticker name recognition.
  • Improvements to the pipeline activity report.
  • Various new configuration options for the Evernote import when migrating large amounts of data – please get in touch if you’re considering a large Evernote migration and want to discuss the import options.
  • Fixed an issue where bullets at the end of a list sometimes couldn’t be indented.
  • Fixed a rare issue with incorrectly importing emails that use non-unicode encoding and contain specific characters.
  • Prevent administrators from creating multiple users with same email address in the client administration app.

Please continue to get in touch with your suggestions and feedback.