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The powerful combination of the Bipsync web and iOS app shares most of the same core features across the two, but with some unique capabilities for each of them to suit the contexts in which they’re used. 

For example, we recently brought Tasks across into the iOS app environment to make how users manage and assign workloads consistent across the whole Bipsync experience. Now we’ve also added a new and unique feature that harnesses the iOS iPhone or iPad camera to allow business card information to be imported directly into the Bipsync built-in CRM.

You can download the Bipsync Notes iOS here

Input post-meeting or post-event contacts in seconds 

Making new contacts is central to investment research and manager due diligence – especially when you get together face to face – despite virtual calls and meetings having become second nature. So when you return from an event or appointment with a stack of freshly collected business cards, using the Bipsync Notes iOS app means you no longer face the drudgery of keying in all that data.

The Bipsync iOS Business Card Scanner is a neat feature you can pop up whenever you create a new contact. Select ‘Scan Business Card’ to take a picture, which instantly converts and populates business card data into capture fields like Name, Email, Phone Number, Address and URLs. Any undetected OCR (optical character recognition) texts are displayed for users to copy and apply.

See the Business Card Scanner in action below:

Less room for error, more time for other tasks

The upshot is a more accurate CRM facet to your Bipsync deployment, simply because it’s so much easier and faster to import new contact information. The time savings really add up, and the reduced risk of human error avoids the possibility of duplicate contacts living in the system. 

This iOS app feature is perfect for scanning business card data into Bipsync, but in reality it can be used to scan any block of text. For example, name tags at mixer events, or author details on printed documents.

Embracing the physical-digital reality of finance and investment business

There’s some simple but clever data science going on in the background of this new iOS app feature, including machine learning with Core ML, pattern matching and Apple’s Neural Engine which combines AI and further utilizes machine learning. It feels a little odd to direct advanced digital tech at such an analog way of doing business as, well, business cards. But it also makes perfect sense.

As a fintech pioneer, we at Bipsync are steeped in software, cloud and digital tech. Our people are globally dispersed so we rely on virtual communications. But we’re also alive to the importance of proximity and contact in business.

For instance, our business headquarters are in New York City, the world’s no.1 financial center. And we recently moved 5 miles downtown to the financial district in Lower Manhattan, ostensibly to benefit from being right at the heart of the industry. 

You’re officially welcome to visit any time, and trade business cards! Or else, we’d be more than happy to arrange a demo online to show you this or any other features of the Bipsync platform and iOS app.