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Our continuing efforts to make Bipsync applications as accessible and insightful as possible – at your desk or on the move – have passed another milestone with a major new enhancement to the iOS app user interface. 

Users of the Bipsync Notes iOS mobile app can now access at-a-glance menus of recent activity from the main navigation screen, making the experience at least as intuitive as using the Bipsync web app.

Simpler access equals higher performance

Bipsync Notes iOS is the indispensable mobile version of Bipsync that allows on-the-move functionality for creating, viewing, updating and managing investment diligence and research data. You can download it here.

A simplified Home Dashboard  now makes it faster and easier to view a snapshot of the most recently updated notes, pending tasks, upcoming events and other key actions.

Relocate your priorities with zero delay

Exposing current and recently changed data in this way saves time by bypassing the need to enter search terms or manually scan lists of items. 

  • The main app menu now includes a Home button, which can be configured as the default view when opening the app (alternatively, users can default the app to return to the note shown when last closing the app)
  • Hitting ‘Home’ displays categories of live items:
    • Recent Activity (a list of all recent activity including the creation, updating, and deletion of notes, contacts, files, and more)
    • Notes (a list of the latest private or shared notes created and/or updated)
    • Events (a list of nearest upcoming events)
    • Tasks (overview of upcoming tasks, which can be toggled between “My Tasks” and “Team Tasks” )

The ‘Recent Activity’ widget reveals an aggregated list of information that maximizes space on the home screen. Here, users can see a list of the most recent activities shared across the team, expand the widget  to view additional updates, and click on the link icons to be directed to the record that has been created/updated. 

The new ‘Notes’ widget on the dashboard displays the most recent notes relating to the user, their team and relevant portfolios. Once you click into “View All,” you’ll be directed to a screen to view all notes where you can sort and filter to find the information most pertinent to you. 

The ‘Upcoming Events’ widget displays your next three scheduled events, complete with date, time and other information, and an easy clickthrough into a full upcoming calendar view. From here, users can create their own events and invite team members in just a few taps.

Finally, the ‘Tasks’ widget shows the most upcoming and urgent tasks assigned to you or to your team. Users can quickly and easily complete these tasks from within the iOS app, create new ones, or edit existing tasks to change the priority, the assignee or the deadline of the task itself. Clicking through to ‘View Tasks’ will show full swipeable columns of all tasks assigned to the individual and all tasks assigned to their wider teams.

ios home dashboard

Check it out!

This new functionality is perfect for the majority of users who regularly skip between the desktop version and the iOS version of Bipsync’s platform when they’re at their desk or in transit, optimizing the efficiency of managing fast-moving situations or just picking up where they last left off.

Check out Bipsync Notes iOS to experience the latest capabilities, or get in touch to arrange a demo.