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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 118 which includes a much-requested feature: the ability to mark notes as read/unread.

Our clients generate research content at an astonishing rate. Whether through in-app notes, forwarded emails or clipped articles from the web, analysts are recording more information than ever before. Bipsync allows funds to consume and share this content with ease, but we also ensure users can filter out noise and concentrate on what’s most relevant to them at any given time.  The new read/unread functionality adds to that capability, enabling users to know what’s new to read when they open the app.

And the best bit? Notes that you read in one of our other applications, like the Bipsync Notes iOS app or our Bipsync Notes Desktop app, will also be marked as read in the web app – so your ‘new note’ reading list always remain up-to-date.

Notes shaded in light blue have yet to be read.

With this release, when a user opens the app, any note that has yet to be read is highlighted blue. In the manner of an email client like Outlook, opening a note will mark it as read a short time later.

Once a note has been opened once, it’s considered read – regardless of any further updates made by other users. It’s possible, however, to manually designate a note as unread by right clicking on it to bring up a context menu, and selecting “Mark as Unread”.

Using the context menu to mark a note as unread.

We’ve also added a button to the top of the note list which will mark each of the notes within the list as read. This action is contextually aware, so if you’re currently browsing notes for a particular company, it’ll only affect the notes tagged to that company. It’s handy for dismissing notes that you’re not too concerned about reading.

The “Mark All Notes as Read” button.

As you can see in the image above, we show a count of how many unread notes there are in the current note list in light blue, alongside the overall note count. To quickly see all your unread notes you can navigate to Properties > Unread Notes in the left hand menu.

We highlight unread notes by default, but if you’d prefer not to see them highlighted this feature can be disabled by heading to Settings > Preferences > Highlight unread notes and toggling the option to “off”. The app will reload for this to take effect. We’ll be bringing full read/unread highlighting support to our other apps later this year.

Other Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added the ability to create an inline comment by highlighting an empty space in the note’s content.
  • File uploads are not interrupted should the user navigate away while the upload is in progress.
  • Web clipper now correctly parses images that have a srcset attribute but no fallback src attribute, eg. on
  • Using shift-option-arrow to select text in an HTML field no longer adjusts the indentation of bullets.
  • An option to change the behaviour of tagging in the email subject so that if an existing tag is not found, a new one will be created.
  • The app loads quicker thanks to an optimized rendering process.

As usual, please get in touch with your suggestions and questions.