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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 105, with a number of new features and improvements that include:

New Field Types and Display Options

In release 105 we’ve introduced new field types for use on any of your Bipsync dashboards e.g. Company, Idea, Portfolio, Contact. These include:

  • Data Lookup – display the latest financial metric for a company, from hundreds of options, e.g. Market Cap, Total Debt, Gross Profit.
  • Calculation – display a value calculated from other fields, e.g. the difference between price target and current share price.
  • Image Upload – upload and display an image file.

Improvements also include a number of new field display and format options:

  • New options for Number fields – optionally format a number as a percentage, ratio or currency.
  • New option to display List fields as icons in the middle notes list. For example, if you have a “Note Type” list field (which most Bipsync installations do), you can choose to display a different icon in the middle notes list for each Note Type: Call, Meeting, Sell-Side Report, etc.

PDF Improvements

  • The “Export All Notes to PDF” option has been enabled on more dashboard types, including field dashboards, e.g. Note Types.
  • You can now customize the text that appears in the footer of any notes exported to PDF – let us know if you’d like to change the default text.

And Much More…

  • The Files list, and upload button, is now always displayed on every dashboard, even when there are no files.
  • The main pipeline dashboard grid can now optionally display the date that a project (Idea, Position, etc.) last moved between stages in the pipeline.
  • Tasks can now be sorted by Due Date.
  • Users can now choose whether replies to notes that are emailed from Bipsync should appear as comments in the Bipsync note (the default option) or be sent as a normal email reply to the recipients. This option is available under Settings > Preferences > Sending notes via email.
  • Various improvements to the API.
  • Dozens of other fixes to emailing in tags, inline comments, Excel data import, and more.

This release also includes some “under the hood” changes for an upcoming big feature…so stay tuned, it’s pretty exciting! And as always, please do continue to get in touch with your comments, suggestions and questions about Bipsync.