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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS is now on release 119, with a number of updates and improvements that include:

A New Note List Table View

Bipsync has long supported many different ways of listing notes, from the traditional “full summary” view to a more succinct “title” view, and finally a “title and first line” view that’s somewhere in between.

Recently we’ve heard from our users that they’d like the option to see much more information in the note list column, and also to be able to configure exactly what appears there. In this release we’re excited to deliver that with a new note listing option, “Table View”, which is able to display numerous facets of note data in a grid format.

Bipsync Research Management System RMS note list table view

The note list table view, configured to display the note’s author and date of creation.

To enable this view, click on the “Sort and View Options” button at the top of the note list, then choose “Table”. By default we display the note title.

To add more columns, click on the “Sort and View Options” button again and scroll down to “Table Options…”. From here, click any option to toggle its visibility in the table. Don’t forget that you can drag Bipsync’s column dividers to adjust the width of each column to your preference.

Performance Improvements

This release also features a number of improvements to how Bipsync loads and processes data which should result in significant performance improvements, particularly for funds with substantial amounts of data. Bipsync’s tagging, tasks, and events features are among the areas which will be noticeably quicker in this release.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Extended the available year options in the date picker in the compliance app.
  • Changed subject of email notifications – when there is only one item updated, the subject now reads “Updates to ‘Note title’ by ‘user’ “.
  • Fixed an issue with updated/created date rule actions where all documents would sometimes be included.
  • “The Email’s Content” is no longer a required field on rule actions that send an email.
  • Changed subject of email notifications when there is only one item updated, to read “Updates to ‘Note title’ by CM”.
  • It’s now possible to configure Bipsync to allow sharing of documents to only users, or to only user groups.
  • Ensured that custom classification colors apply everywhere.
  • Fixed a bug with unlocking tags via rules.
  • Made it easier to subscribe to categories of custom classifications.

As usual, please get in touch with your feedback, suggestions or questions.