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The Bipsync Research Management System RMS has been updated to release 89, with a number of improvements and a few useful new features:

  • Remove email footers and signatures (Beta). This new beta feature allows specified users to select text in emailed notes and click a button in the note formatting toolbar to mark the text as “Email Clutter”. All email clutter will be removed from future notes emailed into the system, for the entire team. Let us know if you’d like to test out this feature, and which users should be configured to add and manage “Email Clutter”.
  • New option for tighter note line spacing. In the Settings > Preferences > Note Style panel, there’s now a new option to adjust the Note Line Spacing. Once selected, this will apply to all notes that you view in the Bipsync web app – and like Note Font and Note Text Size, will be applied to all new notes you view, whether your own or your colleagues’.
  • Edit note title in Clipper Extension / Bookmarklet. Thanks to a great customer request, we’ve now added the ability to edit the clipped note title directly from the Clipper Extension or Clipper Bookmarklet.


  • Default tagging classifications can be disabled. In Release 87 we added the ability to configure custom classifications. In this release, you can now ask us to disable any of the default tagging classifications, e.g. Geographies or Industries.
  • New formatting option to highlight text. Another result of a customer request: in the “Advanced Options” note formatting menu (which looks like three dots), you’ll now find a Highlight Text option to add a yellow background to the currently selected text.
  • Specify exact label via parent in email subject tags. If you have multiple labels with the same name, it’s been difficult to specify which label you mean when you forward emails into Bipsync and need to add tags in the subject line. You can now specify the parent label for any label to ensure that the correct one is used, e.g. to tag two different emails to different “Important” labels:
    Fw: MSFT buys LNKD [Social > Important]
    Fw: Pick up dry cleaning [Personal > Important]

As always, please get in touch with any feedback, suggestions and questions.