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Release 162 of the Bipsync Research Management System RMS is out now. This release includes a powerful expansion of our search feature, along with the usual improvements and bug fixes.

An Even More Powerful Search

We’ve been working on a host of improvements to our search feature, and the first of these lands in this release.

The search interface has been expanded and now supports searching with additive tokens. This makes it possible to find notes that match a combination of terms, from simple text queries to objects like tickers, contacts, and note types, quickly and easily.

So it’s now even quicker for users to perform their targeted searches like “All notes tagged to Apple which have attachments” or “All Monday Morning Meeting notes which were emailed in”.

We’ve also made it easier to access your recent searches, so repetitive tasks or common requests become easier to execute.

Searching for notes using a combination of tokens.

This interface has been designed to be super-intuitive through various user-research methods such as eye-tracking testing and feedback sessions, so we expect it to be swiftly absorbed into our users’ workflows.

Most importantly, it enables further search improvements and advancements which we’re excited to share with you in the coming weeks.

The improved search functionality will be made available for our existing customers in a phased release. Please let us know if you’d like to discuss this by getting in touch.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved the reliability of highlighted search terms in matched PDFs.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the event calendar details popup from closing.
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent notes being created from tasks.
  • Ensured that new items within collapsed pipeline stages are always visible.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in emailed notes having incorrect content.

As usual, please contact us with any questions about this Bipsync Research Management System RMS release, or if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Bipsync platform.