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Releases 214 and 215 of the Bipsync Research Management System (RMS) are now available, and introduce a neat feature that helps users build commentary around PDF files, along with a host of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

PDF Annotation Clipper

New in this release is a way to extract annotations on text snippets within PDFs and reference them within the notes that they’re attached to. It allows users to summarize and analyze the content of large PDF files, making it easier to understand the salient information they contain. Check out our Feature-In-Focus article to learn about this development in more detail.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fields that appear within the Note editor can now be conditionally formatted.
  • A new config option for fields can prevent a given field’s value from being changed once set.
  • A new button in the Advanced PDF Viewer allows all annotations within PDFs to be toggled on/off at once.
  • The list of email recipients for a note that is to be emailed out can now be configured to accept only registered users of Bipsync.
  • The “Update date field” rule action, which assigns a relative date value to a field, now accepts periods of months and years.
  • Aliases can be added to contacts and are referenced when contacts are searched.
  • Research lookup fields can be configured to filter the results they display by certain fields or properties.
  • Active users are now ranked higher in lookups/filters across the RMS.
  • The “length is less than” rule condition option is now available for all content items.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented a contact’s contact details from being included in CSV file exports from grids.
  • Fixed an issue which caused dates within CSV file exports from grids to be unreadable in Excel.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented highlighted sections from being removed from a note.


Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss any of these changes in more detail.