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The latest release of our iOS app is available to download here, or via your MDM provider.

We’d like to introduce some of the improvements we’ve made to our Advanced Search feature in the app.  We’ve written about this feature before, covering how to access it and showing how tokens can be added to the search to obtain more granular results. Our latest release adds the following features:


  • Online search
  • Search within files and attachments
  • Search term highlighting
  • Search result sorting

Online Search

In previous releases, users were able to search for notes or files that had already been synced to a user’s device. This has now been improved by the incorporation of notes and files which have yet to be synced. This is seamlessly integrated with our existing search, so users can continue to filter their results by company, fund, contact, and so on.

Any matching search terms are highlighted within the result. A cloud icon denotes results that need to be synced before they can be viewed, and a simple tap downloads the item to the device. Here’s the feature in action:

Search for Files and Attachments

It’s now possible to search for files and attachments; a feature that users of our web app will be familiar with. We support searching within the most common document types, from PDFs to Microsoft Office files, like Word documents. As with notes, we support searching for files that have not yet been downloaded to the device. This unlocks the full research repository, potentially terabytes in size, to our iOS app for the first time.

Some file types, such as PDFs, support the highlighting of search terms within the documents themselves, so you can navigate straight to the relevant sections of the document.

Improved Sorting

The latest release also includes improvements to the sorting function in our tokenized search. This update makes it much easier to sort your search results and find content as quickly as possible. Users are now able to choose from the following sorting options: 

  • Most relevant first: sort with results that best match the search terms at the top.
  • Newest first: sort with the newest note/file at the top.
  • Oldest first: sort with the oldest note/file at the top.
  • Recently updated first: sort with the note/file that was most recently updated at the top.

These new features and improvements are now available in Bipsync Notes iOS. If you have any questions or if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Bipsync platform, please contact us. Our users requested many of the changes in this release, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s something you’d like to see in any of our apps.